Stupid Question


At a Christmas Party on Wednesday night – held, much to my huge delight, at the Sydney Aquarium – we were just coming out of the glass tunnel exhibit where sharks swim all around you (glee writ large on our faces) when this muppet of a girl stopped us on her way past and asked:

“Are the sharks worthwhile?”

Are the sharks worthwhile??? Well, dear, I expect that depends on whether you were expecting the sharks to be performing motorcycle tricks and feats of memory, perhaps juggling blindfolded turtles…

Are the sharks worthwhile. Sheesh.

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10 Responses to Stupid Question

  1. azahar says:

    Goodness, what a lot of blondes in your office!

    I went to the aquarium in Barcelona, which also has one of those glass tunnels – fabulous!

  2. truce says:

    Ah, well, the blonde on the extreme left and the blonde in the middle actually work for the company who invited me to the party, the other two are my own colleagues (and friends!).

    Aquariums (aquaria??) are wonderful places, very zen. I missed the one in Barcelona when I was there though. They’re the next best thing to diving. šŸ™‚

  3. cer!se says:

    blimey, this looks like the cast shot for a snazzy tv series like Heroes, or Buffy. Or maybe you’re the next Steps?

  4. And the question that arises in my mind when someone asks something like that is “Why are you at an aquarium, my dear? Is it because you have water on your brain?” Are the sharks worthwhile indeed. Where is the sense of mystery and awe? The appreciation of the zen. I went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and it was wonderful to walk essentially along the floor of the kelp forest.

    Watching fish is so zen and relaxing that there are psychiatrists who prescribe aquaria to people who are anxious and depressed, with instructions that they are to sit and watch the fish for 15 minutes every day.

  5. We have one here in Perth as well. It is marvellous! And sharks are always enjoyable providing there is a thick screening of glass between them and me! I wasn’t so happy when I was canoeing some time ago and, in the middle of the river, with nothing around, I was bumped quite hard from below! It was only later that I heard a nine foot bull shark had been seen in the area earlier in the day! YIKES!

  6. We don’t have a real aquarium here but we do have a grand tank for hippos. Hippos are impressive creatures. Underwater they exhibit a grace that one doesn’t normally associate with their name. There are giraffes in the same building.

  7. piereth says:

    Lookin’ lovely, angel. And the sharks might just be worth while!! Maybe, perhaps, possibly!!

    Why the hell was she at the Aquarium if she was ambivalent about sharks?!

  8. truce says:

    Thanks cer!se! There were lots of terribly glamorous and cool “Designer’ type people so we actually felt a bit underdressed, having come straight from the office! But oh yes, we’re definitely the next Steps. Only less talented…

    hmh – yes, exactly! Where’s the fun in life when one is too cool (and/or stupid) to be awed by the natural world? Fish are absolutely zen. So zen they are practially Jedi Masters. In fact, I believe an ancient Grouper may actually have taught Yoda all he knew šŸ™‚

    Archie – a close call! Bull sharks are the ones to really watch out for apparently (according to one of our authors who is a world authority on sharks) – unlike Great White’s who will usually take a bite then spit you out and wait for you to die (and can therefore usually be beaten off), Bull sharks can be relentless when pursuing prey. You were very, very lucky!

    Bobby – you have a tank full of hippos?! Wow! I love Hippos – they swim so elegantly šŸ™‚

    piereth – thanks m’dear, you’d have loved it. I think she was only there for the free champagne as it was a Christmas Party hosted by a well-known Photo Library…

  9. There are just two hippos and the tank is huge though hippos being hippos, hmmm … no … I was going to say it was pretty full but it isn’t … it is just wonderful instead. And it has one of those giant glass panel things so that one can really see the hippos swimming.

    When my youngest was one (before the new tank was built), we went to see the hippos and one of them did an impressively voluminous activity that caused my child to mispronounce their name: hippoo.

  10. truce says:

    LOL! I love it – Hippoo šŸ™‚

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