Before Its Too Late

I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution a) because I have very little resolve and b) it always seems rather puritanical.


I do want to do more in 2008. I have been in Sydney for 10 months now, and those months have passed in a frangipani-scented flash. There is still such a lot I’d like to do and see, namely:

1. kayak in the Harbour

2. dive with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in Western Australia

3. dive with dolphins and seals here in New South Wales

4. explore the Jenolan Caves (a couple of hours drive from Sydney inland)

5. horseback ride in the Blue Mountains

6. grow herbs and some veg on my balcony

7. dive the Great Barrier Reef before it completely disappears…

8. ditto Australia’s Daintree Rainforest

9. meet some of the indigenous Aboriginal Australian population and learn about the traditions of their art

10. improve my portraiture skills

11. share the books which have made me think, laugh and cry

12. run the City to Surf in a significantly faster time

13. find a partner to share in at least some of this fun

What do you want 2008 to hold?

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14 Responses to Before Its Too Late

  1. I have dived with whale sharks off Coral Bay, waded with dolphins in Bunbury and Monkey Mia, have canoed on the Swan River, have a herb garden on my balcony in Perth and I am living in an Aboriginal Community at the moment (and have bought some of their art). I will probably be in Coral Bay again some time in April. I also want to again do the tree top walk in the Tingle Forest near Walpole in the South West.

    Aboiut six or seven years ago I finally made a New Years Resolution I have been able to keep – I gave up New Year Resolutions 🙂

  2. piereth says:

    I just want to learn the art of being a nicer person. Sounds simple but there are knots in my personality which make the road *bumpy*. So not a New Year resolution so much as a life promise?

  3. OmbudsBen says:

    I’m not normally superstitious. But, just in case you are:
    Do you want finding a partner to be 13th on your list?
    Mayhap you might revise?

    p.s. I’d move the herb garden there. Not swimming with sharks. Or maybe add a new 13?

  4. azahar says:

    “I just want to learn the art of being a nicer person.”

    Join the club. Yep, a life promise as I don’t think we ever actually ‘get there’. The other day the ‘frase del día’ in yoga class was one that really hit home.

    Let go of old habits with love, and find positive ways to address the needs that they met

  5. piereth says:

    Good thought, azahar. Yoga is actually top of my list for things to try this New Year – it sounds like a whole body/whole mind approach to fitness.

  6. ME says:

    Number 11 is most immediately interesting to me. What books made you think or laugh? (I’m not really into crying. I’m shallow that way).

  7. truce says:

    Archie – I wanna be you! 🙂

    piereth – you couldn’t be nicer. You are already immensely kind, thoughtful and generous. If you got any better we’d have to genuflect when addressing you and the Pope and Dalai Lama would be out of jobs!

    Ombudsben – I’m not normally superstitious either. So, I’m not going to revise the number 13. If I meet an axe-murderer, however, feel free to say “I told you so”…

    azahar – Yep, letting go of old habits is a hard one. Sometimes its hard even to see that ways of thinking and behaving are just old habits and need to be let go.

    piereth again – ooooh, yes, you’ll love Yoga and then we 3 can swap yoga stories (I’m about to post with one)

    ME – Bobby is that you? Good grief man, you’re confusing me with your ME. I’ll post on the good books today, promise…

  8. Ed says:

    resolutions suck: agreed – but here in the northern hemisphere i’m all for helping oneself through these dark times with useful activities/things to do/think about – so:

    1. give up all drugs until the bath half marathon (birthday party not included). this includes tobacco, but maybe not alcohol. i’ve always wanted to run a marathon, should start with a small one, and am bored to my back teeth of smoking, think running for hours will provide me with a reason not to smoke, and need a break from drugs

    2. read more books or watch movies instead of random rubbish tv

    3. play games with my friends instead of going to the pub with them; card games, backgammon, scrabble, etc.

    4. more camping in wales and cornwall than last year; add activities to camping such as climbing, sailing and mountain hiking

    5. think up an alternative plan to camping if the weather is as awful as last year

    6. know when all my nephews and nieces have their birthdays, and share them with them in some way

    7. apply myself to ‘work’ more effectively, and when i’m not ‘working’, not to work (no, not just a little look to see if client (a) has responded)

    8. be ready for outdoor sport climbing when ‘summer’ comes – and master the beastly overhangs on the climbing walls and overcome my fear of them (and the other routes and moves i can’t yet do)

    9. drink more tea and less coffee

    10. be less angry when people around me don’t share things or are mean or do things i think are ‘wrong’ or are greedy; it’s up to them how they live their lives and me being kept awake by being angry isn’t going to help anyone (although slouching idiot rude arrogant lazy showoff teenagers bicycling on pavements may be kept as a special anger-maker, this tbd)

    11. print off some of my favourite pics from last year and put them in a frame (underway already)

    12. do work things that others haven’t done, especially things where people think they are really odd, and where a ‘normal’ practice that i think sucks exists, disrupt it with others who agree. avoid work that sucks.

    13. put a magnetic cat flap in one room of the house so cat 1 cannot get to cat 2’s food (cat 1 is a pie eating salad dodger who scoffs while cat 2 is a delicate demand feeder and i am really tired of managing this ridiculous situation when i can handle it with easily available technology)

    14. have a wash as i smell after my run (…underway)

  9. truce says:

    Ed – brilliant list!
    1. Yes and yes, yes, yes
    2. book on its way
    3. you should meet piereth and play scrabble – I’ll be ref and award extra points for most esoteric and/or absurd word
    4. cor yes
    5. alternative plan – come to Australia (slightly decadent just for a weekend…)
    6. maybe include them in 4?
    7. mmmm, seems tough for men, especially when running own business or consulting. Real effort needed.
    8. Fear shows healthy respect for what is challenging.
    9. decaf?
    10. disagree – anger at other people’s greed or meanness or lack of consideration is righteous. Rant it out then sleep well. Teenagers, however, should evoke nothing but pitying laughter: just look at them, desperately trying to be cool.
    11. tick
    12. sounds right up your alley, cat
    13. Or give Tilba an automatic weapon…
    14. Yeah, it was beginning to pong a bit even from here

  10. Ed says:

    Ooh look what just popped up from the somewhat earnest but very amazing Dave Pollard:

    “My life is too complicated. As happy as my life is, it would be happier, and much more productive, if it were simpler…”

  11. ombudsben says:

    I just looked at some of your pictures. Hope you don’t mind a question.

    Can you define the verb “oinkle” please?

  12. truce says:

    Brill, thanks – LOVE Dave Pollard and his list of ways to make the most of time and space… and his moustache.

    Ombudsben – ‘course I don’t mind a question. ‘To Oink’ seems to be a verb of my own devising. I find it particularly apt. It concisely and accurately describes any act of eating delicious but non-healthy food in large quantities and at inadvisable speed, just like a piglet 🙂

  13. nursemyra says:

    re the books… are you in a book club?

  14. truce says:

    no I’m not, but I have thought about joining one on numerous occasions. Not really sure why I haven’t. Maybe I should look into the local possibilities… 🙂

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