barefoot in the city

Last night I walked home barefoot.  The evening was warm and the day had been dry – besides, my new gold shoes had given me a little blister on the walk to work that morning which I didn’t want to make worse (I like to avoid even mild discomfort where possible).  So, as I said, I walked home barefoot.  

I walk the same route every night, but it felt totally alien just because I could feel the surfaces beneath my feet.   

My journey became about different textures against the skin of my soles – warm, slightly soft tarmac; hard, gritty concrete; smooth cool slabs of sandstone; tough grass stalks and bits of fallen tree debris. 

I’ll walk barefoot in the city more often. 

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15 Responses to barefoot in the city

  1. azahar says:

    I love walking barefoot too, but it’s a bit hazardous here in the city, what with all the horseshit everywhere.

  2. piereth says:

    Lovely piece of writing. I love walking barefoot as well – it’s not long now before the suede-lined action sandals come out of the cupboard for me to wear until October. Azahar – I can see why horseshit might bring you up a bit short – what a sensation on bare toes! 🙂

  3. LazyBuddhist says:

    Walking barefoot through the streets reminds me of my youth in Southern California. It seems like I spent all summer without any shoes. Now, unfortunately, my feet are too tender and the streets filled with lord knows what, so the next best thing to summery bare feet is a pair of cheap flip-flops.

  4. Jenny says:

    I think we should all take a mental, virtual, trip to the beach, take off our shoes and socks, and walk barefoot through the nice, clean, white sand. Aahhhh…it’s nice and warm the sun is shining, the waves are cool, and there- off in the distance- is a very good-looking man (or woman, whichever you prefer) waiting for us with a nice cool refreshing cosmopolitan … sigh…..

  5. azahar says:

    Okay… what’s a cosmopolitan?

    I usually wear sandals from March to October – got some of those great suede-lined ones too piereth. Mine are Mephistos – like walking on sunshine.

  6. truce says:

    I’ve been wearing nothing but cheap flip-flops (or thongs, as they are somewhat unnervingly called over here) for months as the weather is so mild, even when it rains. But its amazing the difference not having just that one centimetre of rubberised plastic under your feet makes…

    I don’t actually have that much of a problem with horseshit – its mostly grass and smells quite pleasingly bucolic (reminds me of childhood on the farm) – but dog poo I would definitely hop to avoid!

    I’m loving the virtual tours of Southern California and clean, white, sandy beaches 🙂

  7. OmbudsBen says:

    I’m with you re horseshit, Trucie. As a kid I had paper routes and the first one took me near a pasture. I have a very clear memory of a very still early morning and the sweetness of that odor wafting over the slumbering neighborhood and thinking it doesn’t smell bad at all.

    Also, yes, nice to walk barefoot. I think my dogs have a leg up on us in that way, pun intended. But they feel the world through their paw pads. As you describe, there is a greater connection to the surfaces and thus the place.

    Conversely, when we added a circular metal staircase down to our garage it freaked them out. Our older dog, Ernie, still distrusts it. I believe the sound unnerves him, but also the feel. I think Edie got freaked just by Ernie being freaked. I had to use treats to get them to even try going down it! And they quite happily plunge up and down the three other staircases — all wooden or carpeted.

  8. Jenny says:

    1 1/2 ounces vodka
    1/2-ounce Triple Sec
    2 ounces fresh lime juice
    1-ounce cranberry juice

    Mmmm… delish! Makes you feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

  9. azahar says:

    Ooooh, that sounds good, Jenny. On ice?

  10. piereth says:

    Make mine a quintuple!! :-))

  11. This was a good reminder. It is winter here so I’m not about to go wandering about in the snow barefoot. I ever so fondly remember as a kid not wearing shoes all summer. I still don’t like wearing them though I do wear them in the city. I think I’ll try not doing it when it becomes warm.

    I don’t mind herbivore poo much. Carnivore poo is gross. I wonder why I have cats in my house. Oh yeah. I don’t have mice.

  12. I go barefoot all the time. Sometimes even in the winter. Last night I took my dog out for a pee and I didn’t feel like putting on my shoes, etc. So I went out with her in my robe and bare feet, and walked in the freezing mud and water with her until she could do her business. Aside from having to wash the mud off before I could come back to bed, it was actually not that bad.

    I do love your imagery about how different the world is when you approach it barefoot.

  13. truce says:

    I once ran home barefoot after a ball, through the streets of Edinburgh in the wee small hours of the morning, in JANUARY. I still remember it vividly. I felt like a fairy.

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  15. Stewart Bint says:

    I walk barefoot as often as possible….in the city, in the countryside, trough woods: anywhere. Living in the Midlands in the UK the weather is only just getting warm enough to do it regularly, thought I have been out in the frost for a bit!

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