Ridiculous Prejudices


text message from Sligo Man: Spent all day moving house. How about you?

Me: Congratulations, where is the new place, still in Bondi?

Sligo Man: No, Waterloo. Do you want to come over and watch a dvd?

Me: Waterloo, Cool 🙂 Is Napoleon there?

Sligo Man: Don’t know what that is. Its near Surry Hills.


Okay, so not everyone is interested in History. But Napoleon Bonaparte? Come ON! The man conquered most of Europe for goodness sake. Not Ireland, admittedly, but still…

If Sligo Man were from Korea or somewhere equally distant from Europe I could understand. After all, I hadn’t heard of King Sejong the Great til this morning.

But I don’t think I can go out with a man who doesn’t know who Napoleon was. Does that make me an intellectual snob?

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17 Responses to Ridiculous Prejudices

  1. Average Jane says:

    Ridiculous? No way, woman! Hit him with something hard..a history book preferably.

  2. I have a horrid feeling that if you were to hit him with a book he would ask, “Why did you hit me with that lump of wood?”

    Oh, by the way, conquered Europe? Nope, you’ll have to check your facts! Napoleon Solo worked for U.N.C.L.E. to stop T.H.R.U.S.H. from doing the conquering. Illya Kuryakin was his offsider.

    [wanders off, whistling innocently]

  3. Woodpigeon says:

    There’s a place near Cork called Waterloo. It must have confused him 😉

  4. Oh oh oh! You made me laugh!

    This should be a made up story. Oh. Too funny.

    No. It doesn’t make you a snob. It means you want someone that will get your jokes and will make jokes that you get.

  5. piereth says:

    He’s the guy that said at school, ‘Oh, no sweat! We’ve got 8 weeks after the exams in which to revise!’

    What a moron. You’d kill him for the common good before he got his boxers off. In the interests of not further diluting the gene pool!

    Oh, and ‘watch a DVD’. Hasn’t he realised that this line, suave and elegant as it is, is never going to get him a shag off you?

  6. This would be quite funny if it wasn’t so very, very sad.

    From what I can tell, Sligoman would fit right in in the red-neck illiterate backwoods of the Ozarks. Either that, or he is truly a prime candidate for Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” episodes.

    You “might” have some great sex, but he would drive you certifiably insane with his complete cluelessness, and quite quickly too! And it has been my experience, which was quite extensive in college, that the intellectually challenged man generally has very little imagination when it comes to sex too. So I wouldn’t be wasting a lot of time on him.

  7. Jenny says:

    Napoleon….isn’t he the guy that invented those great pastries??? 😉

  8. piereth says:

    I just noticed the graffiti in the bottom lh corner – clearly he’s just vaulted back onto his horse after chipping ‘Napoleon’ next to Hannibal’s name – going for a bit of hero alignment, perchance?!

  9. azahar says:

    “Does that make me an intellectual snob?”

    Um, no. It doesn’t take an intellectual to know who Napoleon was.

    Why would you even consider going out with him?

    Trust me, I once married a very fine musician (a blues/jazz drummer) who’d never read a book in his life – big mistake! Well, I learned a lot about Buddy Rich that I probably would never have known, but you know . . .

  10. Skippa says:


    Why are you still talking to this muppet? Are you being entertained? 🙂

    Maybe he has some “blarney charm” you’re not telling us about 😉


  11. truce says:

    You are all SO right. Sligoman is history… rather like Napoleon, in fact 🙂

  12. Can you still spy on him and write up his antics? They’re so funny.

  13. Ed says:

    Yeah, sorry, I’ve been away, but *ahem* I thought we’d all sorted the ‘manfromsligo’ opportunity and resolved that someone who calls you up drunk in the middle of the night for a cuddle was showing notsogreat signals and was thus a tad sub-optimal *ahem*

    or was that a one off?

    (from the distributed voices in trucie’s head)

  14. truce says:

    The voices in my head don’t need any encouragement…

  15. Ed says:

    Ooohooohooo! Yoooohooooo!

    Oh by the way – this voice is coming to Sydney end Feb/early March 2009.

  16. truce says:

    Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! That’s the best news 🙂 Are you coming for Melissa and Martin’s wedding? I’m assuming that’s next year. Coolio.

  17. Ed says:

    yup to melissa and martin’s wedding; coming for the wedding but will definitely (whatever i’m doing then) tie it in with a ‘winter avoidance sanity checking backpack loving’ trip.

    without a doubt some camping in wild eucalyptus forests in remote national parks in oz will be on the cards, and i expect some scuba diving, kangaroos, fresh as f*ck shellfish, shorts, hats, sunglasses, canoeing, etc…

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