Happy Birthday


May there be cake, and presents, and loving words, and big hugs, and touching reminders of just how much you are valued by all people of sense and taste!


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8 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. azahar says:

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, piereth! 🙂

  2. piereth says:

    Blimey, I’ve got a tear in my eye and alump the size of a wombat in my throat!!

    Thnak you, my dearest companeros Autralianos – and especially you, my dearest girl, my paragon, my blonde inspiration! 🙂 Yurrr grrreat! xxx

  3. truce says:

    Just reassure me that you got cake, yes?

    Oh good 🙂

    Miss ya hon! xx

  4. piereth says:

    Cake? Why, surely. One might even say too much, but then, we all know there’s no such thing! 🙂

  5. Jenny says:

    What a great birthday wish! I agree!!

    You two need to meet for a little girls weekend!

  6. piereth says:

    Goddess, I wish. I’d be on that damn’ plane in a TRICE. The wort thing is that my father has to come to Australia at the end of April to see clients and I’m doing my best to snag a jumpseat but I haven’t a cat’s chance. Booo!!

  7. truce says:

    If only we could somehow tow Australia a little further round the globe, so it was nearer Hereford… or wait, why don’t we tow the UK down here where its warm and sunny?!!

  8. piereth says:

    A hundred million years of plate tectonics reversed in a flash. Actually, it might even be worth it! 🙂

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