Coming Soon: A Dating Update. In the Meantime, Maths.

This is the kind of maths I like.

And this is my kind of Geography:


On Monday, I will post an update on the Dating Situation.  Yes, it deserves Capital Letters.  Its Important.

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9 Responses to Coming Soon: A Dating Update. In the Meantime, Maths.

  1. piereth says:

    Trucies that deserve kudos for finally getting me to understand mathematics = all of them.

    Hooray! I am Einstein! 🙂

    Looking forward muchly to the dating updating! Is THIS why you’ve been a little quiet lately? xxx

  2. Jenny says:

    OO! Dating! Fun!! Can’t wait to hear about it! Will there be photos?

  3. bosquechica says:

    Bated breath! I’m waiting with it!

  4. azahar says:

    Photos??? How about a video?

  5. Oh Goody – stealable stuff. This is a wonderful post for one as warped as I 🙂

  6. robodad says:

    Damn, this is the best blog entry I have ever seen. Ever. Bar none.

  7. truce says:

    Jenny – oh yes, definitely photos. Don’t hold your breath for the fun though…

    Bosquechica – if my love life turns out as well as yours I shall be very happy *remembers beautiful brides in wedding photos*

    azahar – We’ll have to work out a rating system…

    Archie – steal away. We’re working on more here in the office (an excuse to stop working on pie charts on population growth stats for an atlas we’re making)

    Robodad – excellent. I aim to please. And its high praise indeed from the writer of your site.

  8. Ooohhhh – atlases – my second favourite books. Right behind dictionaries.

  9. truce says:

    well, archie, once its published I’ll send you a copy if you like?

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