Two Sisters at The Three Sisters…

…My, how we laughed!

Well, actually, we didn’t laugh at all, we immediately stopped swearing and took our hands out of our pockets…

They have jolly clean habits, don’t they? (I can feel an obvious joke lurking in there, but I shall resolutely ignore it).

I wondered what particularly good deed they had done to merit a day trip.

And then I wondered which muppet ever thought white would be a good, practical colour for a nun’s habit. Even if all you do all day is pray you’re going to get grubby knees. And as for the perils of communion, well, just don’t start me off on red wine stains on white cotton…

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7 Responses to Two Sisters at The Three Sisters…

  1. What a wonderful headline 🙂 And a delightful sight. Both foreground and background.

    “we immediately stopped swearing and took our hands out of our pockets” It sounds as though you have been subject to nunnish discipline at school – – –

  2. truce says:

    Thanks Archie 🙂

    And yes, I boarded at an all-girls school from age 7 to 18. I learnt many vital things, chief amongst which is that “People In Authority Don’t Like You To Have Your Hands In Your Pockets For Some Reason, Go With It”.

  3. Well, depending upon how deep your pockets are, how many holes you have in them, and how creative you are, you can have a lot of dirty fun with your hands in there.

    Never underestimate the ingenuity or desperation of an adolescent boy in a Catholic school.

    Not me, of course. I would never stoop to that level of self-degradation. I waited until I was safe in the privacy of my own home, or at least, you know, in the school bathroom.

  4. piereth says:

    Wonderful. I love it. Wacky Christian symmetry!

    Were they Poor Clares? I think they wear white. Or maybe it’s the Carmelites… I dunno. Not my religion! 🙂

  5. pandemonic says:

    Our nuns wore black. That’s the fitting color for a habit.

  6. truce says:

    David – yet another reason I should have been born a boy. Except that I’d never leave the house…

    piereth – good question. Dunno neither. Maybe the coteries of Japanese ladies who insisted on having their photo taken with the nuns (smiling and bowing, terribly polite) would know.

    pandemonic – I agree. If you’re going to have a habit, make it a dark one. At which point I refer you to David’s earlier comment… 🙂

  7. I, for one, feel terribly sorry for the sisters. I learned long ago that if I put on something white, especially if it was a skirt or pants, it was an immediate dirt magnet of the highest order. I can get away with a white blouse for about six minutes longer than a skirt or pants.

    But I did love the image of stopping swearing and getting hands out of pockets. I never went to catholic school but I still have that image of nuns. Of course, my reaction to seeing a bevy of nuns is to burst into a rousing chorus of “Amen” from the Sidney Poitier movie “Lilies of the Field.”

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