On Speaking to Colonials With Chips and Sounding Like the Queen

So, I’m trying to blend in here.  By here I mean Sydney, Australia as opposed to here, at my desk, in the office.  Although, yes, good point, I should probably try to blend in here as well… that way, I’ll get away with more blogging and eating of cake…


…Anyway, so I’m trying blend in here.  And thinking I’m not doing too bad a job of it.


But then The Volunteer Fireman/Handyman asks me where I’m from originally.  “Norfolk,” I say, “Its a coastal county in the east of England. But my Father is Irish and I went to school in Rutland.”


“I thought so,” quoth he.  “You sound like the Queen.”



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8 Responses to On Speaking to Colonials With Chips and Sounding Like the Queen

  1. David says:

    People frequently ask me where I’m from as well, which is odd, since I’m entirely native to the town where I live, and look like a typical WASPy white guy. When I tell them I’m from here, they usually say something like “Really?” I never know quite what to make of that.

  2. Born here in Western Orstrylia, my mother (and her mother) taught me to speak proper! Nana and Pop were old-style school teachers and elocution was important. I was always asked if I came from England. My other grandfather arrived in Oz from Thurso via Glasgow just after 1900. Most people found his completely unchanged accent impenetrable until the day he died in the 1970’s! Don’t expect your accent to disappear quickly, if at all – I know, I know, you don’t have an accent – it is us Aussies who have the accent 🙂

  3. piereth says:

    Talk about a double edged compliment!

    You sound like a female Eddie Izzard to me. So not The Queen, but A Queen!

  4. Jenny says:

    I wish I had an accent. You’re lucky!

  5. truce says:

    David – I’m now thoroughly intrigued as to what a ‘typical WASPy white guy’ looks like. You’ll have to enlighten me. Oh, go on…

    Archie – I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years, not many miles from Glasgow, and even I find it impenetrable. I think they do it on purpose! 🙂 And I’m actually already getting to the point where I hardly notice the Aussie accent anymore…

    piereth – excellent. If only I looked like a female Eddie Izzard, too… 😉

    Jenny – you do have an accent! You probably just aren’t aware of it because its not ‘foreign’ where you are, its the norm. Your son is probably about to find out the same thing, when he goes to London!

  6. David says:

    Oh, you know — completely average in every way, except for looking like a cross between David Niven and a pirate. But other than that, average height, average build, kind of pale, blond/blue, and boring as all hell. If that’s not a WASPy white guy, I dunno what is.

  7. Average Jane says:

    I am puzzled if that is a compliment. From where I come from, it would hardly be that.

  8. truce says:

    David – clearly I’m taking the WASPy white guy thing too literally. I was picturing David Niven in a pirate’s costume with an enormous stinger sticking out of his bum… which wouldn’t be at all boring and would certainly explain why the locals don’t think you’re from round there.

    Average Jane – no I don’t think it was a compliment either. Although I read men wrongly all the time, so who knows…

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