Graffiti on a wall on my route to work:


(sic.) I particularly like the use of the apostrophe to add tension to the phrase.  “From dog’s”?  From dog’s what??  Don’t leave us in suspense like that…

Now, I had thought that the cause(s) of cancer were plural and complicated, but apparently I was misinformed.  Helpful, then, to have local graffiti artists who are both public-spirited and up to date with all the latest advances in medicine.  Bravo.




Another phrase which caught my attention recently, is part of a TV ad for World Youth Day 2008 (although I think, strictly speaking, its actually only Christian World Youth Day, since the evil-looking new Pope is in the ad, too):

WY08: The Time of Your Eternal Life

Really?  Wow, that must suck.  I mean, if World Youth Day 2008 is the best day you’re EVER going to have… What about World Youth Day 2009, or shouldn’t we bother? 

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12 Responses to "CANCER IS FROM DOG'S"

  1. piereth says:

    Jesus: for life, not just for Christmas, yada yada yada.


  2. David says:

    The other thing is that if it’s “the time of your eternal life,” even Heaven won’t be better.

    So we might as well go, and then spend the rest of our earthly lives in glorious debauchery, go to Hell, and then reminisce about World Youth Day, which outstripped our promise of Paradise.

  3. Whew, thank goodness I’m an atheist – every day is better than the last!

  4. truce says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to think maybe the ad agency who created the campaign were all atheists, too, in secret. The photo of the Pope in the ad must have been calculated to look as evil-eyed as possible.

    Maybe if I listen to the ad backwards it will tell me to worship Satan…

  5. David says:

    If you really read it backwards, it will tell you to worship Dog, where all the cancer comes from.

  6. modestypress says:

    Cancer comes from apostrophes’; especially when stoked up on semicolons.

    When commas get high on pot they become apostrophes. Semicolons are commas on steroids. They tend to be abusive; they have been known to break up sentences.

  7. truce says:

    David – I can’t read anything backwards today. I can barely read forwards, frankly. My brain is melting…

    Mr Random – I am going to print out that comment and give it to all the editors in the office as I feel it officially qualifies as ‘Word Geekiness’. 🙂

  8. I’m not crazy about graffiti, but illiterate graffiti is particularly annoying.

  9. truce says:

    hmh – yes, I quite agree.

  10. Harrison says:

    I’ve seen CANCER IS FROM DOG’S written from Manly Vale to Mona Vale. Recently saw STDS ARE FROM CATS written on a For Sale sign in Dee Why. Same person? Hmm..?

    FYI – if you learn graffiti it is possible to read it. They’re just really stylish letters mostly with extensions coming off them. But yes, tagging is particurlary annoying because most people can’t do it properly. Eyesores.

    I particularly love stickers and things that take more skill than a tag. They make travelling through the urbanscape much more interesting and fun for me.

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  12. meganix says:

    I photographed this message in several places around the Sydney CBD last year (2008). I have a bit more to say about it, and that errant apostrophe, on my Pavement Graffiti blog http://www.meganix.net/pavement.

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