From embarassment to indignation

1. This morning I walked to work with the wrapper from a panty liner stuck to the back of my jeans.  Classy.

2. Mongolia is the newest addition to my list of places I’d like to visit. Last night I saw a new film about the rise to power of Ghengis Khan, Mongol, and the landscapes were so alien and beautiful, as was the Mongolian language, that I found myself longing to gallop a horse across the Steppes wearing a quilted and embroidered tunic, preposterously huge fur hat, pointy felt boots, brandishing a curved sword overhead and yelling “Temudgin Khan!” for all I’m worth. Except I’d probably fall off and be eaten by wolves.

3. The night before last there was a work dinner to entertain visiting big-wigs from our parent company.  Sitting next to me, a colleague explained why she had returned to work for our company, having left to start her own publishing business 15 years ago.  Her company had been a success and she had enjoyed it… and then they were sued by a crazy woman over some pictures of her baby which had been published in one of their books on baby care.

Fair enough, you might think – we need to protect children. Absolutely, which is why the pictures were taken at a special photo-shoot at which the mums were present, and why all the mums had veto over every photo used, and why they all signed permission forms for any photo used in the book, and why they had each been given copies of every photo taken of their child (even the ones which were not used in the book).

Despite all these precautions, however – and despite the fact that this particular mum’s complaint was about a photo which she thought was of her child but which was, in fact, of a completely different child (as proved by the uncropped negative which showed the child’s face) – she continued to press charges until the company was forced to fold and pulp over a 100,000 books.  

This woman didn’t win any money because the case was thrown out when it eventually came to court, but by that stage it was too late to save the business whose cash flow had been irreparably damaged by fighting the case.  

I was, as you can imagine, full of righteous indignation on behalf of my colleague whose dream had been spoilt and whose pockets had been emptied.

4. On leaving the restaurant, I saw this Tawny Frogmouth sitting atop a parking sign across the street, which cheered me up.  I felt as though I’d been granted a special audience with a being from a much better-ordered world 🙂

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6 Responses to From embarassment to indignation

  1. I saw that program as well – now I cannot stop thinking of his grandson and forests ancient as the hills – – –
    Crazy woman should have been countersued and forced to sell her child (it would have had a better upbringing!)
    But a tawny frogmouth – in the city – wonderful find!

  2. Ed says:

    panty liner wrapper attached to arse – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    wooohooo hoo hoo hee hee

    tee hee ooohhh aaaah stop it…

    ha h ha ha haaaa

    ooh ow that hurts – ha ha ha ha

  3. piereth says:

    that poor woman. It beggars belief that the case could have got so far without it falling apart. Just shows what utter lunacy combined with a tenacious nature will do.

    Panty liner? You rock!!!! 😛

  4. pandemonic says:

    1. !!!! I’m so glad I’m in menopause.

    2. Mongolia, the home of Mongolian beef? I’m with you!

    3. That’s awful!

    4. That’s beautiful!

  5. truce says:

    Archie – Yep, perhaps the council are now employing Tawny Frogmouths as parking wardens?

    Ed – yeah, you know me, excellent comedy value…

    piereth – I know, madness in the courts – its all very Dickensian. And yeah, I am SUCH a model of elegance and sophistication, am I not?

    pandemonic – 1. Bring it on. 2. Yum. 3. Agreed. 4. Isn’t he just?

  6. Ed says:

    wooo hooo hoooo ha ha ha ha ha

    honk wheeze gurgle

    oooh heee teeehee

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