Warning: men are not going to want to read this

You know how, when you move to a new country for a year you sensibly take along a year’s supply of your contraceptive pill (not that you’re using it for contraception, because any fool can see there’s no need, but it was successfully prescribed to thwart your hormonally-driven depression, not to mention your hormonally-based acne), and then you decide to stay longer than a year so you have to go to the Doctor to get a repeat prescription, but of course, your brand of Pill isn’t available in Australia yet so you have to change to another, older brand which you know isn’t going to suit you so well or be so side-effect free, but what choice do you have, right?

And then, you know how six months later your body still hasn’t adjusted to the new Pill and so you’re having a period every two weeks and your skin keeps erupting with boils the size of hen’s eggs, especially just before a hot date?

Yeah?  Me, too.

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9 Responses to Warning: men are not going to want to read this

  1. modestypress says:

    OK, I will agree not to have inappropriate fantasies about you.

    You’ve made me an offer I can refuse.

  2. That sounds miserable. Would it sound like some kind of schadenfreude if I were to say I’m glad this is a problem I don’t have?

  3. TMI TMI La la la la la

    [wandering off, hands over ears]

  4. jiva says:

    Oh bunny. That is very unfair, and I hope you find something better soon. I had the pill injection once and it really made a mess of things, 3 months without a period and then a 3 month on and off period. I stayed well away after that and have managed without any pills at all. I’d have a good google and see if there were any other pills out there with the most similar composition. Good luck.

  5. pandemonic says:

    I also don’t have this problem. I have some hot flashes if you’d like to trade.

  6. truce says:

    Mr Random – I specialise in those offers.

    David – nothing wrong with a little schadenfreude. Its the sophisticated way of counting one’s blessings 🙂

    Archie – you were warned!

    jiva – yeah, I’m even considering buying ‘my’ pill over the web…

    pandemonic – I have that to look forward to. Great.

  7. Stevo says:

    I could say the same thing about condoms in a different country. Not nearly as messy, biology-wise. Being away from your own country really blows sometimes.

  8. truce says:

    yep, its amazing the stuff you don’t realise that you totally take for granted, isn’t it?!

  9. azahar says:

    You had a hot date? Do tell!

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