an Efficiency Fiend

It seems it is only when I find myself with a truly absurd workload – such as now – that I really begin to work efficiently.

Sometimes I astonish myself with the number of decisions I can make and the volume of artwork briefs, contracts, feedback mark-ups, and above all, emails, that I can process in a day.

Of course, you may be thinking “surely if you were even half as efficient the rest of the time you wouldn’t have these periods of being so swamped cos you’d have done it all already?”

And you’d be quite right. But nobody likes a clever dick, so I’ll thank you to keep such treasonous talk to yourself… Just in case the boss hears you.

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10 Responses to an Efficiency Fiend

  1. modestypress says:

    Hey, truce’s boss. HEY, BOSS!! I need to tell you something about her…

    Oh, you live with her? You’re part of her psyche? What Freud called the superego, older Christians called the conscience, and Fritz Perls called the “topdog”?

    Never mind, then.

  2. You couldn’t be that efficient all the time, or you’d burn out. Really.

  3. Second that. Efficiency’s a fiend, a fleeting phantom, and frightfully and fantastically fatiguing. All right, enough of that. Back to sleep.

  4. piereth says:

    Some people focus whenyou squeeze them, others fold! You’re the former, and like me only really do your best work when there’s insanely too much to do.

    It’s a great skill, like a cheetah’s sprint; David’s right though – not sustainable over long periods!

  5. truce says:

    Mr Random – luckily, my inner boss is almost entirely (though selectively) deaf.

    David – as my earlier post makes clear. Good point, and concisely put, as ever šŸ˜‰

    Crumpet and Mr. Bear – alliteration! I adore alliteration. Clever Crumpet! Brilliant Bear! And now back to sleep for me, too.

    Piereth – anything less like a cheetah’s sprint than me this week you’d be hard pressed to find, I can assure you!

  6. Jenny says:

    I work well under pressure too … unfortunately, it’s usually due to my own procrastination!

  7. piereth says:

    I used to procrastinate, but now I can’t decide…. šŸ™‚

  8. pandemonic says:

    Damn. You’re good. But I think most people perform better under pressure.

  9. truce says:

    Jenny – yep, same here šŸ˜‰

    Piereth – *chortle*

    Pandemonic – Just enough pressure to ensure focus, but not so much as to cause melt-down.

  10. LazyBuddhist says:

    I’m the same way. When I have nothing but time to get stuff done I procrastinate like there is nothing but tomorrows. But, put me on a deadline? Hoooweee! Even I amaze myself with how quick and efficient my lazy ass can be when a fire is lit beneath it. But after too much I start weeping with little provocation, and when it all becomes too much I turn green and take to hiding under furniture. It’s good to know one’s limits.

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