In Which I Laugh Like A Drain And Refuse To Be Beaten By A Fungus

1. My friend, Running Accountant (he of the lovely Mother and Freud the Cat) took me to see Chris Rock on Friday night. I haven’t laughed so hard nor so long in aeons. Damn, that man is funny.

I wonder how he really felt, finding himself here in Sydney – the whitest city in the Southern Hemisphere. Of course, he joked about it: how easy it was as a black man to get laid here, but did he really think it was funny?

2. I have prided myself on my greenfingers ever since I first had my own garden back in Norfolk 8 years ago. And I assumed that ability would prove equally efficacious here in Australia. As it turns out, not so much. So far I have killed (I suspect by over-zealous watering) a Kangaroo Paw, and the possums have eaten the succulents on my balcony down to stalks. I’m now waging a distinctly unsuccessful war against some kind of mould on my Ixora chinensis and my potted palm is going brown at the edges. Still, I may have saved a friend’s fig by recommending that she re-pot the poor thing a few weeks ago – apparently it is now thriving once again, and sending out new growth.

I shall persevere. I shall not capitulate to the spores of a mere fungus.

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6 Responses to In Which I Laugh Like A Drain And Refuse To Be Beaten By A Fungus

  1. pandemonic says:

    I’m glad to see that the critter problem is global and not just confined to the US. 🙂

  2. modestypress says:

    The critters also stow away on ships and airplanes and visit us just so we won’t be neglected by not previously getting to know them.

  3. I hate fungus. It just killed one of my peonies. I also hate viruses. One just killed one of my roses and is working on another. Sorry to hear aboutyour bad plant luck. Hope it turns for the better.

  4. truce says:

    Pandemonic – oooh yes, definitely global – and I thought UK squirrels were bad…

    Mr Random – I feel sure these particular critters have broomsticks.

    healingmagichands – Oh no, sorry to hear about the rose – I love roses. Fungus and viruses are awful pests and there seems so little one can do without resorting to chemicals (which I don’t do). I need to do some more research locally and find an organic alternative.

  5. OmbudsBen says:

    Mrs. Ombud had good luck with a kangaroo’s paw recently, it bloomed. I’ll bet once you learn a little more about the local plants you’ll do well. There must be a lot of drought resistant plants, same as here in California. It was an adjustment ofr me, too, coming from a damper, more extreme climate. (Per my prior comment, hot sauce for the varmints! We even put it on the pole for our birdfeeder — it gets on their paws, then they try to lick it off. Yowza!)

  6. truce says:

    Ombudsben – can you ask Mrs. Ombud how often she watered her Kangaroo paw please? I’m pretty sure I over-watered mine…

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