Local Possums, Bad Vibes and Running Uphill

This is the culprit*.  Well, okay, perhaps not this particular individual, but one of her pouchy pals, certainly.  Possums are bigger than cats and – I never thought I’d hear myself say this – they have even less shame than cats.  The pesky varmints aren’t even bothered by water, so lying in wait for them with a spray gun isn’t going to deter the little blighters.


Do you ever have the feeling that something is wrong, although you can’t quite put your finger on what, exactly?  I have a sense of vague foreboding.  Not at all sure why.


Two friends of mine ran the City to Surf on Sunday and both did extremely well.  I ran it last year and thought I did okay, but now I know their times – especially the girls’ time – I’m beginning to wonder if I was actually running it backwards or only using one leg.  


Okay, so I hadn’t run at all in about 3 weeks (which is why I pulled out and didn’t run on Sunday, no point in killing oneself just to reach Bondi afterall), but even when I was regularly running 3 or 4 times a week I could never go very fast without having to stop to catch my breath.  

Maybe its my funny heart?  It skips beats and thumps and jumps oddly, even when I’m not running.  And it races along at 190 bpm when I run – again, even when by rights I should be reasonably fit because I’m running frequently.  But then my resting heart rate is apparently very slow.

I’m a freak.

Or maybe I just don’t push myself hard enough and consequently never really get fit.

I’d like to join some kind of beginners running group, but I can’t afford it at the moment.  Maybe I should get my heart checked, too, just in case this isn’t just a lame excuse.

* Thanks to petrichor on Flickr for the photo!

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13 Responses to Local Possums, Bad Vibes and Running Uphill

  1. piereth says:

    “Do you ever have the feeling that something is wrong, although you can’t quite put your finger on what, exactly? I have a sense of vague foreboding. Not at all sure why.”

    Yes, I get this. Don’t think about it too much, and whatever it is may swim into your peripheral vision. I hope it’s nothing!

  2. Colm says:

    On the subject of furries, I was trying to explain a ferret to my daughter and the best I could come up with was a cat, only longer.

    “So, it’s a limo cat” she immediately replied..

  3. Possums are fun – from a distance.Years ago I had one walk into a tent in which I was sleeping – it found a packet of biscuits in my supplies and refused to leave.

    A heart check sounds like a good idea.

  4. pandemonic says:

    That’s a possum? Ours don’t look like that. That one is rather cute. Ours look like they would eat you.

  5. modestypress says:

    I have a funny feeling about this week also.

    Don’t walk under any falling asteroids.

  6. truce says:

    piereth – thanks, I think its probably my worry bone going into overdrive. 😉

    Colm – a wise and insightful child! LOL

    Archie – that must have been disconcerting. 😉

    pandemonic – oh, don’t be fooled – ours will eat you. They just lull you into a false sense of security first…

    Mr Random – excellent advice, ta.

  7. David says:

    When I have that feeling of impending doom, it usually means I am coming down with a head cold. I don’t know what I’ll feel like if I’m ever in the developing stages of some major illness. Probably I’ll be foretelling the Apocalypse. Oh, wait. I already do that. Hmmm.

    That animal is icky! And it has great big icky eyes! Make it go away!

  8. David says:

    P.S. Limo cat! Limo cat!

    That’s hilarious.

  9. truce says:

    David – icky? Yes, quite right. And if I could make them go away, believe me I would.

    And I loved ‘limo cat’, too 🙂

  10. OmbudsBen says:

    We have problems with squirrels, raiding our fruit tree, chewing on our deck — even the wiring for our outdoor light. Supersoaker sprayguns are only temporarily effective. What I found works better is adding really hot sauce to the water in the spray gun. We had some Vietnamese hot pepper oil I mixed in — they did not like that on their coats, and stayed away. (As the oil will separate and float after a bit, it helped to hold the supersoaker up at a slight angle, expelling the oil first.)

  11. truce says:

    ooooh, good tip!!! thanks 🙂

  12. LazyBuddhist says:

    I gotta echo pandemonic on this. That don’t look like no possum you see ’round these here parts in North Amurica. Ours look like oversized rats and are much more fearsome looking. Like everything in Australia, it’s downright cute.

  13. truce says:

    yeah, you should see the quolls and numbats: talk about absurdly cute!

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