Today I: ate lunch in the park, had a run-in with a colleague and caused hot office gossip

1. Today I joined a colleague for lunch in the park to celebrate her birthday, along with about 6 others. None of us actually like her particularly – she is not terribly bright which makes working with her trying and rather a social limpet which makes be-friending her even more so – but we’re a well-intentioned bunch and birthdays are universally feted here [btw – it annoys me not to be able to use the correct french and german letters, but I can’t find how to add the accents…].  So we felt virtuous and she felt appreciated. Except that we all knew it was not entirely genuine so we were all far more jolly than strictly necessary.

2. Today I threw my (considerable) weight around a little, insisting on some changes to artwork which had been passed by another colleague while I was on holiday.  The colleague may or may not be senior to me; our hierarchy is unclear and my job seems to span all sorts of things. I hope I didn’t do it just to reassert my authority – a kind of artistic tree-stump pissing – and I made one of those partial apologies later… you know, the kind where you start by saying “sorry” and then there’s a big “but” in the thinly veiled subtext.  I said that I’d appreciate it if, in future, when she had queries with something I’d asked a team to do, she spoke to me about it directly so that we could agree a compromise, rather than waiting til I left the room to countermand it.  I said it didn’t inspire confidence for the teams to see us so openly disagreeing.  I think that was reasonable.  *pounds chest with fists and roars*

3. Today I realised one of the minor frustrations of working in an office full of women.  Gossip.  We have only three men in the office, 2 of them are taken and the other only works part-time as our IT consultant.  He’s pretty handsome in a vanilla kind of way, and he and I get along well.  Okay, we even flirt a little – a very little (believe me, he’s very easy to shock). A couple of weeks ago, we all went on a ‘Works Outing’ to dinner and then the theatre at Sydney Opera House, and he sat next to me during both dinner and the play.  Not designedly, I don’t think, in either case – it just happened that way.  But one of the girls in the office who has a massive and obvious crush on him says that there has been lots of talk about the two of us since then.  Now, I sympathise with her – I have suffered with an unrequited passion before and it makes you nuts but bitch, pur-leeeeeeaaase.  

Also, I had a cornish pasty for lunch and now I have a tummy ache.  Are the two causally related?  Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of ‘Today I’.

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11 Responses to Today I: ate lunch in the park, had a run-in with a colleague and caused hot office gossip

  1. modestypress says:

    No comment. 1) It said “no comment” under your post. 2) Men, as everybody knows, don’t gossip. 3) Some day I will tell you about the job I had when the boss was having affairs (at the same time) with both one of the teachers and his administrative assistant. The admin ass got jealous of the teacher so she call the boss’ wife to complain how he was cheating on both of them. But anyway, I don’t want to gossip.

  2. truce says:

    3) you’re kidding… right?

  3. modestypress says:

    No, truce. I condensed the actual sequence of events to keep my comment short, but this is what actually happened. The same boss also was an author of computer books and eventually got such a creamy contract that he made a million dollars (give or take a thousand). He then used his money to buy a tugboat and sailed around the Pacific coast on his tuboat. Really, I am not making this up.

    All I can dream of is flying you to Portland to get it on with David.

    By the way, you came too recently to my blog to learn that my cousin decided to learn Chinese, went to Taiwan to learn it, which she did, married into a Chinese mercantile family, and with her husband started the well-known company (manufacturer of baby strollers and baby furniture) Graco. One of her children, born deaf, received the first cochlear implant provided to a child born in Taiwan. My cousin, Joanna Nichols, then used the millions she earned from Graco, to set up a foundation to provide cochlear implants for any child born deaf in Taiwan. As she is no longer alive (tragically dying of breast cancer), the American School in Taipai named a library after her. None of this is made up.

  4. truce says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d buy a boat, too. But a dive boat, not a tug boat. I’m not a big fan of tugging… well, depending on what’s being tugged I suppose.

    I dream of flying to Portland to get it on with David, too. I actually had a dream that we met last night, but it was over a garden fence and he was refusing to show me the bottom half of his face which was covered by a towel… so not exactly erotic. 😉

    Your cousin lived well. *respectful nod*

  5. azahar says:

    Mmmmm … cornish pasties!

  6. pandemonic says:

    Don’t let RN fool you, Truce. Men are the worst when it comes to gossiping! They can’t keep their mouths shut and they can’t keep a secret to save their souls.

  7. modestypress says:

    I’ll make up a secret and then keep it.

  8. You don’t find towel-shielding to be erotic? Then please save your plane fare. Sheesh.

    If you really need an accent mark, you can type your post in a wordprocessing program and then cut and paste; the accents will stay. I have done this when in desperate need of an umlaut, though I know there’s an html way to do that; I just don’t know what it is.

    I might add that if you are going to throw weight around in a conversation, said conversation is inevitably going to include “a big but.” (Sorry, that was too much for me to resist.)

  9. truce says:

    Az – if I thought they’d survive the journey I’d post you one!

    Pandemonic – you’re right. But it’s like bitching, men do it – they just don’t get blamed for it.

    Mr Random – I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours

    David – erotic towel-shielding? Well, okay. *thinks: must be a North American variant on the Dance of the Seven Veils*

    I went out with a guy who used to immitate the warning beeping noise which lorries make when they reverse whenever I turned around. It was most unnerving.

  10. truce says:

    oh, and thanks for the accents tip. 🙂

  11. Are you *serious* about the lorry-beeping guy? Quel asshole, if you’ll pardon my saying so.

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