All Trussed Up and Somewhere To Go

Its not normally like this, I swear.  Usually I go home after work and read a book, cook myself dinner, maybe watch some TV, do some yoga and then go to bed.

Not this week.  This week I am Madam Social Butterfly.  Well, Madam Social Moth would perhaps be more appropriate given the nocturnal nature of the change.

Monday night I went to a birthday dinner party (I was the only single human being – their cat was also single, but definitely goes out at night more than me).

Tuesday night – as you know – I was supposed to be going to Handsome Vanilla Man’s concert, but failed and ended up staying at work til 8.45pm and then going out for Sushi with girlfriends from the office.

Wednesday – last night – I went to a pub quiz (they call it Trivia Night over here) with friends… except that the quiz had been cancelled, so we began our own Trivia Quiz, firing questions at each other over the shandies.  I garnered an inappropriate amount of praise for being able to name and draw all seven of the Ancient Wonders of World on a beer mat but entirely failed to name any members of the current Australian cricket team.  Or football team.  Or rugby team.

Tonight, I am going out to The Ivy in the city with friends for cocktails and then dinner.  In honour of which occasion I have abandoned my customary scruffiness and am – I hope suitably – attired in my LBD (Little Black Dress: translation for the men) and heels.  I have even put my hair up.  Check me out. *twirls*

Tomorrow night is a house-warming BBQ for a friend, down by the Harbour. I already have my sausages.

Saturday night I am going for dinner and a movie with my Running Accountant Friend.

Sunday.  If you need me, I’ll be lying down in a dark room.

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10 Responses to All Trussed Up and Somewhere To Go

  1. Jenny says:

    Sounds like a fun week! Wish I could join you!

    I’m looking forward to Saturday. I’m going to see a matinee of “Nights in Rodanthe” with a girlfriend! Mmmmm… Richard Gere….

  2. modestypress says:

    Not only that, but your cousin beaulah (or at least some sort of spiritual cousin with a British accent who had been a nanny and a chef and now has two 13-year-old twins) was in a class I taught last night. We hit it off well, indicating to me that you and I would hit it off well as well.

    She is looking for a job because her husband is retired and she needs to find a job with health insurance. I don’t know why someone from the commonwealth would move to America, a place without many health benefits.

    You do get around, or at least your cousins,

  3. David Rochester says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about your social whirl.

  4. piereth says:

    Gah! You socialite!

    PS you’ve never looked scruffy in your LIFE, Truce! So I bet you looked stunnnnnning in the LBD!


  5. pandemonic says:

    When I first read the title, I thought it said all TRUCED up and ready to go.


  6. Heels?! Gaaaaaa! Don’t walk too far in them, just pose sexily and save your hips and lower back. I;m going to a fish fry and sauna tonight, last night we went out to dinner and I suffered terrible gas during the night for my reward. tomorrow I think I may work in the garden for a while. Maybe. Or maybe we’ll be able to fit a “date” in there somewhere. That would be good.

  7. OmbudsBen says:

    On behalf of mankind, thank you for the translation. (And I’m sure you were completely delectable!)

  8. truce says:

    Okay – nice 7km run round the bay on Sunday, followed by a three hour lunch with a good friend and then I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, so I’ve recovered from the social whirl. 😉

    Jenny – how was “Nights in Rodanthe”?

    Mr Random – I deny all knowledge of Cousin Beaulah.

    David – here, have a seat.

    piereth – thanks! I did get one compliment: a 27 year old Belgian who came over to talk to us wouldn’t believe I was 36 😉

    pandemonic – well, it was a sort of intentional play on words.

    hmh – I’m 5′ 10″ so I don’t wear heels very often for fear of low-flying aircraft…

    Ombudsben – you’re jolly welcome (and thank you!)

  9. Ya know, around here in these parts our aircraft are supposed to fly above 500 feet unless they are in the process of landin’ or crop dustin’. You betcha!
    (Practicing my Sarah Palin accent)

  10. Jenny says:

    I’m laughing outloud at HMH’s comments. HA HA!!!

    We didn’t see Nights in Rodanthe …. it wasn’t in the theatre anymore!! We’ll have to wait until it comes to our second run theatre – it’ll be cheaper anyway.

    Saw a local musical production of Sweeny Todd last night! Awesome! A couple of friends were in it. Now I have to work up the courage to see the movie (I’m not very good with gore)

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