My third post in 2 days.  Can you tell that I’m experiencing a slack period at work?

Don’t get me wrong, I do still have some work (if adding chest and underarm hair and facial stubble to Roman Gladiators can be called work), just not enough to keep me fully occupied from 9am until 5.30pm.

So, today we organised pizza on the roof terrace at lunchtime – with beer and wine – and then this afternoon I unplugged the headphones from my mac and have been DJ’ing via iTunes for the rest of the room… with strict instructions to avoid all my suicidal stuff (Radiohead, Nirvana, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Snow Patrol etc) as well as the homicidal stuff (Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, Eminem etc). Which, to be fair, doesn’t leave a whole heck of a lot – especially since Saint-Saëns, Handel and Mozart were all equally vetoed on the grounds of their tendency towards inducing soporific states inconsistent with proof-reading indices.  Oh, and nothing with explicit lyrics, in case the boss walks in.

Which leaves Dolly Parton and Elvis.

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19 Responses to Bored

  1. Ed says:

    check. pretty much hyperactive apart from when sad, when i shut down and won’t speak, or after yoga when mellow. when bored, i find other outlets – vigorous exercise, distracting workmates in same space, tormenting cats, cleaning anything that doesn’t move, getting agitated about things in the world that are wrong etc. but when you’re at home alone (not my choice but it’s worked out that way i seem to drive all office-sharing workmates away), it’s hard to distract self.

    i’ve been bounding around recently. it looks odd to start with, and i was well derisive of it for ages, but for a ‘serial public declarer’ (like you almost totally incapable of keeping secrets i’d be a terrible spy) like me, it’s a channel… although some people are complaining that it’s a bit of a tsunami…

  2. Colm says:

    My music collection is very similar to yours but it’s very small and getting a bit long in the teeth.I’ve been listening to some World Music stations on iTunes (e.g. Iceberg) to give me a chance to listen to really new and different stuff.

  3. jiva says:

    HAHAHA love it. I’d be with them on the music selection apart from loving the classical. I’d make a library and play that to them instead. Suggest a couple of artists and it does the rest.

  4. truce says:

    Ed – yup, checkity check on all those boredom-battling activities (‘cept for tormenting the cats as sadly feline free currently). Went for a longish run this morning with newest toy: iTrail app on iPhone (uses Big Brother GPS signal to map your exact route, even when not on established roads or paths, with speed, pace, split times, even altitude! Plus with iPod function. Love it, love it. Gadgety wizardiness). Now just need a way to link it to my heart rate monitor thingy and I’ll be truly Olympian… Or will have set myself on fire as a human Olympic torch due to a massive sweat-induced shortcircuity electrical overload at any rate.

    Cannot figure out how to work twitter, but have bookmarked it for study tomorrow. Am obviously a twit. Badum tish!

  5. truce says:

    Colm – that sounds like an excellent idea. Makes note to self to check it out on Monday.

  6. truce says:

    Jiva – ah, but then i’d miss the joy of the occasional sneaky ‘accidental’ blast of Foo Fighters or The Killers at them 🙂

  7. truce says:

    Ed – bring on the facebook update deluge, helps me feel like I’m in touch with my mate even though a gazillion miles of salty wetness separates us. 😉

  8. At least you don’t include the soppy Swedes in your playlist – I have declared my blog (in fact, my whole computer) an Abba free zone.

  9. pandemonic says:

    So, have you been planning your American adventure in your slack time? 🙂

  10. Ed says:

    haven’t stopped the FB updates! one of my ‘twitter friends’ just got offered a job as the transport co-ordinator for tacoma’s only female bounty hunter.. how cool is that. twitter easy – you set up your id and update it like FB… it grows on you…

  11. modestypress says:

    I mark my official transfer to the category of “old fogy” to the day I said, “What the hell is ‘twitter'”? followed by, “Do I care what ‘twitter’ is?” followed by, “No, I don’t give a shit.”

  12. Jenny says:

    I’m bored at work today too… five more minutes!! TGIF!!

    I wish we had a place (like a roof) that we could sneak away for a beer at lunch!

    have a good weekend!!!!

  13. @ pandamonic, hang on, Trucie has to plan her trip to the Oz desert first – Plane to Perth, plane to Newman, Mail Plane (Tuesdays or Fridays) to the desert – 45.5C here today. 😉

  14. truce says:

    Archie – excellent! Will pack a bag and harrass the boss for a few days off and come search for Thorny Devils with you! I won’t be bringing any Abba, you can trust me…

    Pandemonic – I’m under strict instructions not to venture to Portland, though we have an office in San Francisco so perhaps I can wangle an invitation there on some spurious work-related junket and we can get together and stuff our faces in some nice restaurant 😉

  15. truce says:

    jenny – being bored at work is so frustrating. I hate clock-watching and I’m so rarely in a position of having time to kill that I’m sure I ought to be able to make better use of it, but no!

  16. azahar says:

    we could play online scrabble! 🙂

  17. truce says:

    okay, but you have to promise to get annoyed with me if things hot up around here and my scrabble-playing takes a nose-dive (that’s going to be my excuse when I lose and I’m sticking to it!!!!)


  18. LazyBuddhist says:

    Ah, combatting boredom at work. You would think with how often boredom strikes here, I would become quite the expert. I have, however, compiled a lovely list of blogs I check with frequency. That and writing Twitter haiku . . .

  19. piereth says:

    Foos? Homicidal? Nah!!!! Cheery and violent perhaps!

    Queens of the Stone Age – now that’s homicidal. 🙂

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