… will be OK in the end.

Printed onto a copy of the Financial Times and stuck to a bus stop. Cheltenham Road, Bristol, England.

Soothing colours, reassuring message and bonus points for recycling. Bristol has the best graffiti.

*Pinched from my mate Ed’s Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edmittance/2937750325/

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2 Responses to Everything…

  1. Ed says:

    Bristol’s graf is blooming marvelous.

    It re-assures me every day that the entire world hasn’t resigned to being whinnying corporate lackeys and whiffling apologists who would rather consume, shut up and suffer society’s laws of diminishing returns than express their irritation and risk some form of isolation from the daily mail of the road.

    My mate runs a wonderful blog on this which I highly recommend:


  2. truce says:

    Oooh, nice link. Bookmarked. Not enough graffiti in Sydney. May have to get stencillin’.

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