B's First Birthday


This is a post to celebrate my niece’s first birthday.  I wasn’t able to be there on the Big Day since she’s in the UK, I’m in Australia and my teleporter beam is temporarily kaput, but my brother and sister-in-law report that Miss B had a wonderful time.

Apparently she was universally pleased by everyone and everything, and was even gracious enough to share her presents*, toys and cake with all the children who came to her party, as well as with Bumpy the cat… who was rather less than properly appreciative of the sticky goodness shoved under her nose and into her eye by her well-intentioned, if over-zealous, young mistress.

And the Ugg boots arrived in time 🙂


*speaking of presents, a big thank you to Edmittance for the surprise book which arrived this morning -“Enough: Breaking Free From The World of More” by John Naish – which I am already thoroughly enjoying. Much sage nodding of head and resolving to be content with all I have, do and am, rather than striving for Ever More.  I suspect it gave him almost as much pleasure to send it as it gave me to receive it – he is a generous chap, ta very much Ed. 🙂

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10 Responses to B's First Birthday

  1. What a little doll! Sorry to hear about the teleporter, what a rotten time to have it go kaput.

  2. truce says:

    Waxingstrange – thanks! Yes, typical, isn’t it? Just one more piece of evidence backing up my theory that The Machines Are, In Fact, In League Against Us. Even the imaginary ones 😉

    Azahar – yup, little button nose and massive polka dots – now, there’s a stylish combination.

  3. OmbudsBen says:

    Happy B-birthday, B! She is a doll.

    Re the machines or us, I’ve read a couple things lately on how science and engineering have had the upper hand at universities in recent decades, and are we better off for it? More and more some people think not. Nice toys only go so far, while a sense of humanity is essential.

  4. I love her little birthday dress — too cute! And I do hope you noticed that I influenced the mail as you requested, so the gift arrived on time. *preening*

  5. truce says:

    Ombudsben – shhh, they’ll hear you. 😉

    David – I did notice, thank you. *bows low*

  6. piereth says:

    Wonderful little bundle, she is!!


  7. modestypress says:

    I’d say that my granddaughter is as cute as your niece. But as RG is almost five years old, she is getting a bit over the hill as far as cuteness goes. Amazing, how our culture uses up and casts aside cute youngsters. Tell your niece to enjoy it while she can.

  8. truce says:

    piereth – one of these fine days we’ll have to introduce her to R 🙂

    Mr Random – I would absolutely agree that RG is as cute as B, despite being a few years older. Further, I suspect that both will remain cute to thee and me until they are well into their forties… 😉

  9. pandemonic says:

    She’s so cute!

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