7 Random Things About Me – a meme

The lovely Ombudsben tagged me a few days ago, and I thought I’d posted in response but clearly I am losing the few marbles which remain to me faster than I thought, because I didn’t. But I will now.

1. I have two pop-up cardboard Roman gladiators on my desk. One is a Retiarius and the other is either a Murmillo or a Secutor, I think. I keep them because I like the illustration style (realistically detailed but dramatic, like a good Graphic Novel) and because I like the Romans.  Or at least, I’m sure I would have liked some of them, had I ever met any. I’m fascinated by their culture – so similar to ours in many ways… except for, you know, the absence of men hanging from crosses along the side of main roads and the fact that we have stirrups and loo roll.


2. I have a secret passion for Georgette Heyer novels.

3. I sleep naked. I also shower and bath naked. I don’t go to work naked.

4. I own more than 1,300 books and they are arranged on the shelves by colour. Anyone who thinks that is a stupid way to order books is an idiot. It works perfectly: I think “I want that book about the ship voyage with the dark blue cover, so it will be with the blue books, at the dark blue end. Ah, yes, there it is.” 

5. When I was little I apparently shared my bed with a crocodile. The deal was that so long as I kept my legs curled up in my half of the bed, all was well… This, I think, taught me a useful life lesson: establish the rules of a situation and the potential consequences of disobeying them upfront, then weigh up your options before doing anything radical like stretching yourself.

6. I have a long list of foods which I dislike: pineapple, anchovies, celery, soft cheese, capers, cow’s milk, dessicated coconut, cheesecake, strawberry icecream, dorritos, nachos, dill pickles, sour cream, wine, spirits, ale, bitter, lager (unless it has lemonade in it), any biscuit which doesn’t have chocolate in it or on it. However, if you go to the trouble of cooking and serving me these foods at your house, I will heroically do my best to consume them with an appearance of pleasure.

7. There is nothing random about me. I am entirely sequential; one might even say chronological.

I tag you.

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12 Responses to 7 Random Things About Me – a meme

  1. David Rochester says:

    I’m pretty sure that if you didn’t shower naked, the process would be far less effective. But then again, I’m occasionally mistaken about these things.

  2. truce says:

    And I’m all about showering efficacy, oh yes.

  3. piereth says:

    Why don’t you go to work naked?

  4. pandemonic says:

    I could imagine David salivating over these wonderfully unknown things about you.

  5. OmbudsBen says:

    Re # 3, if you showered clothed, then shut off the water and rubbed laundry detergent into your clothing, then turned the water on again, you might achieve some efficacy in cleaning clothes and self all at once.

    Re # 1, if you’ve seen the recent series “Rome” there is also the odd rituals they had. Like standing under an ox on a grating and getting drenched in its blood.

    Re #’s 1 & 3 together — no, there isn’t enough detergent in creation to induce me to worship anyone that way. I would rather curl up with a crocodile who behaved herself at night.

    Re # 4, I worked with an editor once who arranged her books by height. So they would all slant more or less uniformly, from tallest to shortest. We kidded her. We’d have had great fun with *you.*

    Conversely, as I am colorblind, I’d be quite lost in your shelves. Meandering quite disoriented, and muttering about Dewey and his decimals, no doubt.

    Great list, Trucie!

  6. truce says:

    piereth – so as not to scare the horses.

    pandemonic – I rather suspect he is instead congratulating himself on not having to deal with any of them at close quarters.

    Ombudsben – #3 that had occurred to me, too, actually. It is certainly the best way to clean oneself and one’s bikini after a dip in the ocean.

    #1 I loved that series. The costumes and hair styles were a bit off, but the graffiti was wonderfully accurate.

    # 1 & 3 nor me

    #4 well, I can see the logic in that approach, but it wouldn’t be as pretty. 😉

    Colourblindness fascinates me. Are you red/green colourblind? If so, what do you see for red? I’m curious cos I hate red and I wonder if any other colour looks similar to red to a colourblind person…

  7. LazyBuddhist says:

    While I’m not big on Roman gladiators, I am quite smitten with your desk. So orderly and such pretty things in your files. Plus, the light! Oh the natural light. I lust after your light. (can you tell I work in a windowless office?))

    #6 I commend you on being a gracious guest. However, should a hostess cook and serve you Dorritos, I think even Emily Post would give you a pass if you opted out.

  8. OmbudsBen says:

    They gave us color tests when I was in 8th grade. Yoou’re supposed to look at a picture with lots of little colored circles in it, and find the number. I couldn’t see the green circles outling a number. Back then, I could pick out the red number.

    Many years later (in the late 90s) I was waiting in a clinic where they gave also gave physicals to truck drivers. Who have to see colors. They had a similar stack of color tests, and this time I had a hard time finding the little red circles for the number, too, amidst all the other little circles.

    So yeah, it’s some reds and some greens. I can see bright colors; grass is green for me, etc. But muted colors are tricky. Lots look brown or gray to me.

    But then again, maybe the green I see in grass is different formt he green you see — who would ever know?

  9. truce says:

    LazyBuddhist – come on over any time and I’ll make you a nice cuppa and show you around. 🙂 We could sit out on the outdoor furniture you can just see in the top left of the photo – I have a little terrace right outside my window. I have to have natural light: mostly for my work but also because I have a horror of windowless spaces. I really, really, feel for you in your windowless office. *shudder*

    Ombudsben – that’s what’s so interesting, isn’t it – that we’ll never know whether the colour you see for grass is the same as the colour I see… or the same as the colour that dogs and beetles and birds see. Amazing!

  10. modestypress says:

    1. I would like to have well-trained and obedient Roman gladiators on my desk who would promptly gladiate people who bother me at work.

    2. When I was in junior high school I read Anne of Green Gables; the school librarian chastised me for reading a book more appropriate for girls.

    3. We’re all naked under our clothes, whether asleep or awake. I am not sure why that is permitted.

    4. People generally arrange themselves by color. It would probably work better, however, if each person was assigned a Dewey Decimal number after graduation from school and at each work place people would be arranged by their number. This would simplify matters quite a bit at singles bars, also.

    5. When Random Granddaughter was little, there were often five people in the mommies’ bed: Mommy (RG’s birth mother), Random Daughter, Random Granddaughter, Sebastian (the very large gray English shorthair cat, now “ex”), and Sylvie, the very small and very sweet mostly black with a little white cat. During one complicated rearrangement of all these creatures, Sylvie, who never scratches people, scratched RG. This may have headed RG off from possibly a life of being in a bed with too many other people at the same time.

    6. As far as I know, RG does not have any religious beliefs (though she does believe in Santa Claus). She considers a request to take a bit of any food she does not like the look of as a severe violation of her human rights, and will let you know her opinion of the matter quickly and forcefully.

    7. I am almost always out of sequence.

  11. This is an interesting meme. It gives one insight into the person performing the meme, not just the bits that they decide to tell. The random things that they choose makes you wonder about the random things they didn’t choose.

    You slept with a crocodile?

  12. truce says:

    Mr Random – thank you for your excellent 7 points. I loved Anne of Green Gables. I intend to implement the Dewey Decimal system here at work, starting today. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    healingmagichands – that’s why I liked it, too. The choices of which 7 things people tell you are interesting in and of themselves. (And the crocodile was only visible to me, my parents completely failed to see him although they gamely played along once they realised that trying to reassure me out of seeing it wasn’t going to work!)

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