Two BBQs, a Moonlit Movie and Several Sick Twenty-Somethings Sliding off the Roof

1. After a Very-Successful-If-I-Do-Say-So-Myself BBQ on Christmas Day, we had planned to make use of our office’s beautiful roof terrace – which has a clear view of Harbour Bridge for Sydney’s spectacular fireworks display – for our New Year’s Eve celebration this year. ‘We’ being me and 5 friends from work together with their partners… a carefully selected mob, everyone over 30 and more keen on seeing in the New Year outdoors in congenial company and with elasticated waistlines to accommodate an afternoon’s bbq feasting than into snorting tequila and snogging anything not already lip-fast to something else.

Not so the group of 25 or so twenty-somethings who arrived unexpectedly with our boss’ son at around 9pm. They, let me tell you, were all about the tequila and snogging.

So, our relaxed evening’s enjoyment became a stressful frenzy of mopping up vomit, removing copulating couples from the boss’s desk, preventing scantily-clad but heavily made-up girls from toppling off the balcony and stopping boys with less chest hair than me from cutting their bare feet to shreds in all the broken glass they had handily strewn about the place during 4 hours of solid drinking. 

[Aside: Well brought-up North Shore males up to the age of 25 consider it totally uncool to wear shoes in Sydney. Even flip-flops. Even in the city. Even in the Mall, with their nice Middle-class mothers.]

One of them even tried to snog me, the cheeky little blighter. I have never felt so old in my life.

2. Another friend and I went to the Moonlight Cinema in Sydney’s Centennial Park to see ‘Quantum of Solace’. Now, that was more like it. We sat on hired bean chairs, comfortably doused in Aeroguard, ate our picnic, and swooned over James Bond while the fruit bats wheeled overhead. And all for $15: fun and frugal – may it be ever thus.

3. Due to a cold caught with the timing of the truly crap, I missed out on a boat diving trip I’d been looking forward to, but I did manage a decent bushwalk during the break. One of the things I like most about bushwalking is the quiet; the not having to talk. Partly because you have a better chance of spotting wildlife when you’re not scaring them off with your noise, and partly because I’m not especially sociable.

People are different, however, and my walking partner likes to walk and chat. Endless, pointless, mindless chatter. There are only so many times you can usefully respond to a conversational gambit like “I really hate my thighs, they’re huge. They’re bigger than that tree, aren’t they? Ha hah hahhhhaa!”

“Yes. Yes, they are. Please shut up.”

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12 Responses to Two BBQs, a Moonlit Movie and Several Sick Twenty-Somethings Sliding off the Roof

  1. jiva says:

    I’d be too busy weasing and coughing to be quiet. /fat lazy and smoker. Oh and I know the eeeww of someone lunging for you for a kiss when you just so dont want it. ack.

  2. I just can’t imagine walking around without shoes. The horror. The horror.

  3. azahar says:

    “One of them even tried to snog me, the cheeky little blighter.”

    I certainly hope you slapped him with a wet fish!

  4. truce says:

    jiva – especially when they’re 15 years younger than you… euuwwww!

    David – I rather like it. Just not, you know, when the floor is liberally strewn with shards of broken tequila bottle.

    azahar – had there been one handy, I most certainly would have done.

  5. I’ve seen too many people spitting on sidewalks to regard it as anything other than terrifying. 🙂

  6. truce says:

    Yes, except that I once participated in an experiment with a friend who was studying biology at university – we went out and swabbed samples from various surfaces (including pavements, handrails, loo seats etc in public areas) and then compared them with samples from ‘clean’ places, such as office desks, telephone handsets etc etc… guess which ones had the most species of bacteria and viruses, and in greater concentrations? Yup, not the ones from outdoors – mostly, exterior weather conditions are too hostile.

    *antiseptic wipes keyboard again*

  7. piereth says:

    God, what a bunch of plebs! Does your boss have any idea what her sainted offspring did to his / her reptuation that night?

    I walked home barefooted from a club the other night but then I was leathered; I don’t think I’d have done it sober, your reportage on bactria levels on Britain’s pavements notwithstanding!

    Happy New Year, all!


  8. piereth says:

    Bacteria. Bactria sounds like the land where the camels come from 😉

  9. Your Christmas day sounds nice, except for the fact that it was crashed. Perhaps you should have barricaded the door. I would have been well-behaved, despite being a twenty-something. I haven’t seen “Quantum of Solace” yet, what a great outing. Perhaps you should bring some earphones and a mp3 player on your walks, in order to have something more pleasant to listen to.

  10. truce says:

    piereth – nope, the boss has no idea whatsoever. I think I may tell her though, unless I can get the son to agree never to do it again. I rather like the thought of all those teeny-tiny miniature camels trotting over the pavements…

    Waxingstrange – ah, it was New Year’s Eve which was crashed and the doors to the office are locked and are behind iron gates, so had it not been for the boss’s son having a key (and a skinful) they never would have got in, the rascals! My iPod would be a great way of drowning out my walking companion, but then I wouldn’t hear the ocean or the birds and insects which would be a pity because the wildlife is one of the main reasons for the bushwalk. I may just run on ahead a bit next time to escape the nonsense!

  11. *making note not to walk barefoot on my desk*

  12. truce says:

    yep. And you might want to fashion little booties for the felines, too.

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