When the cats are away, what do the mice do?

The bosses are away for two days of exciting sales conference. The weather here is sunny with temperatures in the mid 30s centigrade, so what are we mice doing?

1. downloading episodes of McLeod’s Daughters from iTunes. For those who don’t know it, McLeod’s Daughters is a long-running Aussie drama with an improbably gorgeous cast of ‘farmers’: all the men are over 6 feet tall and have a six pack which is, of course, completely faithful to the reality of country living in rural Southern Australia.

2. watching Obama’s inaugural speech on the BBC’s website with a lump in our throat and a determination to remember the moment.

3. swapping chocolate cake recipes. I now have one which calls for two bars of choc the size of small family cars, a cow full of cream and about a calf of butter. Can’t wait.

4. Making plans for the upcoming Australia Day long weekend. So far I’ve booked two dives, a leisurely bushwalk, an outdoor moonlight cinema evening and a jazz-in-the-park picnic.

5. chatting. We are mainly women, after all.

6. emailing each other funny photos we’ve come across doing photo research for various projects. You’d be surprised what you get when you type ‘Alexander the Great’ into a picture library search engine… or maybe you wouldn’t. Depends how much Russian porn you’re familiar with, I suppose.

7. adjusting the air con. Its either too cold or too warm, there appears to be no happy medium and I suspect that it is one of those circular problems – the more we fiddle with it, the less efficiently it works and the more frustrated with it we become and thus the more we fiddle with it.

8. blogging. Or maybe that’s just me…

9. online banking.

10. booking hair cuts and physio appointments and therapist sessions. (Not me, though I could undoubtedly do with all three).

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7 Responses to When the cats are away, what do the mice do?

  1. Oh dear, McLeod’s Daughters! No wonder you need therapy. [runs away giggling]

    [yells back over shoulder – “hey, don’t keep that chocolate cake recipe to yourself!”]

  2. truce says:

    Archie – its odd, I won’t watch British trash drama which is exported over here (like Eastenders) but I love McLeods Daughters! I’m a hopeless romantic 🙂

    I’ll post the recipe, its well worth trying.

  3. *debating whether to do Google image search for “Alexander the Great”*

  4. OmbudsBen says:

    Aussie men with 6-pack abs? Doubtless it’s as realistic as the desperate housewives of Orange County, here in the states.

    I worked at a firm once that had a Cat’s Away party every year when the partners went away to their international partners’ meeting. It had a surreptitious edge to it — though doubtless the partners knew, as they were paying the bills for it.

  5. truce says:

    David – I doubt you’d get the same result with Google as with an actual picture library like Corbis or Getty. And you’d probably psychologically scar yourself by trying.

    Ombudsben – given the recent new year’s eve party on the office roof fiasco, I don’t fancy our chances…

  6. pandemonic says:

    When my cat’s away, this mouse throws a big party. Then she retreats to her house and enjoys the quiet.

  7. truce says:

    Good plan 🙂

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