Hot and wet koala action

It is seriously hot here. You know the heatwave is unusual though, when even the koalas are desperate to find water and escape the searing sun.




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16 Responses to Hot and wet koala action

  1. giannakali says:

    he/she’s so cute…what’s the story behind it…I don’t even know how koala’s live or how wild they are…did he/she just come to you for water??

  2. ZOMG. I have lost consciousness.

  3. truce says:

    Giannakali – the photos were sent to me by a friend whose parents live out in what is called ‘The Bush’ here (i.e. the countryside). Koalas are common but live wild and are usually difficult to spot as their grey brown fur blends with the eucalyptus trees they live in so beautifully. They rarely come down to the ground and they certainly don’t normally turn up in people’s farm outbuildings, but this one was apparently so fed up with the unrelenting heat that he decided to explore his options… 🙂

    David – I am imagining a meeting between Mr Koala and Daria P. Olka-Dot Pants in the shower… *your* shower, just so we’re clear 😉

  4. Cuteness! Oh the cuteness!

  5. truce says:

    waxingstrange – I know, wonderful isn’t it?

  6. bosquechica says:

    Wow, cute is right. How many fingers do koalas have?

  7. truce says:

    What an excellent question. As marsupial mammals I’m guessing 5 digits like us, but I’m going to investigate that right now…

    *dusts off her koala net*

  8. Jenny says:

    Truce…if I can’t visit NYC in May (like I’m hoping to do) can I some to Australia and stay with you and visit some zoos and stuff? He is WAY too cute!

  9. Fugitive Pieces says:

    What was the answer to the koala digit question? Sleep is being lost here at Possum Manors.

  10. pandemonic says:

    Aw… what a cutie…

  11. modestypress says:

    My accountant has a picture in her office showing her holding a koala. Can koalas do taxes?

  12. truce says:

    Jenny – absolutely! We’d have a ball! 🙂

    Fugitive Pieces – the answer is, as I suspected, five on the front but, interestingly, two digits on the rear paws have become fused to aid grooming. So now know why koalas are always so well-turned out.

    Pandemonic – 🙂

    Mr Random – I am convinced they’d make a better job of it than I, certainly.

  13. OmbudsBen says:

    *in a child’s desperate voice*
    I want one!

  14. Tarts says:

    That is so cute I will take one of those koala bears and I also would like the heat wave right about now. My toes are freezing.

  15. azahar says:

    Too adorable. I love that first pic where he is tentatively testing the water.

  16. LazyBuddhist says:

    Oh sweet Buddha, this makes my teeth hurt it’s so sweet. I especially appreciate the fact that s/he tastes her water before plunking her body into.

    Thank you for the smile.

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