kicking myself

You know when you finally get around to doing something you’ve been putting off for no good reason for ages, which will save you money and generally be A Good Thing? And you could just kick yourself for being so stupid and lazy?

Yep. Why on earth did I wait TWO YEARS to get a Medicare card???

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10 Responses to kicking myself

  1. Fugitive Pieces says:

    Because Medicare make it ridiculously hard and bury you in paperwork. Even with the Australian citizenship that I’d held since I was born, y’know, in Australia…they wanted proof that I’d closed down all my UK bank accounts, turned in my UK driver’s licence, and to see receipts for all the furniture/white goods that I’d bought since my triumphant return to the homeland – as a feckless backpacker, so that was tricky. All as evidence of my ‘commitment’ to the nation.
    Yup. More than a decade ago. Still holding a grudge.

  2. piereth says:

    Well, you’ve got it now – and can be smug in the knowledge that you’re COVERED!!


  3. I noticed you changed your name (it takes a while for things to seep into what passes as my mind) –

    Is that a Medicare thing, an ambition or the beginning of a new religion?

  4. Lucky you, you can get a Medicare card. Maybe you didn’t get it because you were so healthy you didn’t need it.

  5. woo says:

    Fugitive pieces – ah, well, I can’t even claim that it was the form-filling which prevented me. It was surprisingly quick and simple, once I bothered to go into an office and actually do it. Your story sounds appalling, though. *Outraged on your behalf*

    piereth – yup, and even more importantly, I won’t have to pay $168 for a prescription next time…

    archie – ah yes, changed my name as an ex-boyfriend had tracked me down by googling ‘truce’. So now I’m using my family nickname. That’ll fox ’em!

    healingmagichands – I’m lucky in that I generally enjoy excellent health, but my skin is giving me grief at the moment so I needed to see a dermatologist, which gets extremely expensive very quickly. But once I’ve sorted that out, I confidently expect not to have to see a doctor again for years!

  6. Well, you’ve got it now, and that’s what matters.

  7. Jenny says:

    I put stuff like that off ALL the TIME! And then, when you realize how easy it was, you think “I’ll make sure I won’t procrastinate next time” … but then you don’t. What’s up with that?

  8. pandemonic says:

    You must have the procrastination bug. I have that too.

  9. modestypress says:

    They have “medicare” in Australia? I thought only America had that. Next thing Australians will be calling money dollars.

    Tell the Aussies not to follow our “lead.” We’re leading in the wrong direction.

  10. woo says:

    Too late, Mr Random. Far, far too late.

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