Decisions, decisions. I make 'em.

nearly everyone who makes decisions in our office is away until Thursday, sorting out the take-over of a recently bust publishing company in New Zealand. Our CEO, CFO and Creative Director as well as the Production Manager are all out. Which leaves me; Art Manager.

Now, putting aside the ludicrousness of that job title [it has been my experience that nothing and noone truly artistic can be managed. Helped or hindered, yes, but managed? Er, no. Not so much.] it does at least roughly indicate the area in which I am paid to make decisions, i.e. about pictures.

Not about whether we focus on Boscoreale or Pompeii for a series of spreads in a new book on Treasure. That’s Editorial. Not about what species we should be featuring on a spread about leaves in a new book on Trees. That, too, is Editorial. Not about whether the kerning on the running heads in a book need narrowing. That’s Design. Not about whether we can actually construct a book with seven different types of paper engineering in each section without it costing us more to produce than we can sell it for. That’s Production. Not about which job code a freelancer’s time should be allocated to. That’s Finance. Not about what kind of milk to purchase for the office. That’s Obvious (Goat’s milk – and if you don’t like it, don’t drink it).

Pictures. Nice pictures, that’s supposed to be me.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem congenitally incapable of making a decision, even when its within their own special field and even when they know the answer. They just need someone else to make the decision and take the responsibility if it turns out to be wrong.

Of course, I’m being completely disingenuous here because, to be honest, I LOVE to be involved in everything. I’m curious about almost everything. So, bring it on, all you “Have you got 2 mins to just look at this with me?” decision-shirkers!

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7 Responses to Decisions, decisions. I make 'em.

  1. That sort of behavior puzzled me greatly when I first started working, but it grows addictive. Especially when you’re prone to making STUPID spelling errors. I guess it is hard for any one person to create and then discern the value of their own work. Or the fact that humans are naturally social creatures. Or just needy. Sounds like you’re doing great, though!

  2. The inability to make decisions doesn’t just show up at work. There are people out there who can’t decide what movie to see or what restaurant to go to, and similar sorts of things. They want the other people in the group to decide, because then if the restaurant sucks or the movie is boring it is NOT Their Fault that you were bored and faced with crappy food. You really hit the nail on the head with the addition of the phrase “and take the responsibility” to the sentence that is in the second to the last paragraph. That is the CRUX of the problem, actually.

  3. woo says:

    Waxingstrange – thanks, I’m certainly enjoying doing something I’m good at and am valued for. It makes a nice change 🙂 I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that I am not a team-player. Not in any way. I hate teams and collective decision-making. I like to lead. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually admitted that before…

    healingmagichands – yes, that is it exactly: responsibility. The majority of people seem to want to avoid it – referring everything upwards or sideways, off their own desks onto someone else’s. And you’re quite right about it not being confined to the work environment.

    The number of people who cannot or will not take responsibility for facing and making difficult decisions in their personal lives – even when they know, rationally, that they make sense – infuriates me. But let’s not start me on that right now…

  4. I was going to reply to this but I cannot make up my mind what to say – – –

    err – any suggestions?

  5. piereth says:

    Quite right on the ‘…decision-shirkers!’ riff – decide already, you dithering twits!! Do SOMETHING! Even if with 20-20 hindsight it turns out to be wrong! 🙂

  6. woo says:

    Archie – I KNOW you know how to make decisions, sir 🙂

    piereth – precisely. Do something, anything, just don’t dither endlessly…!

  7. pandemonic says:

    I don’t get people who can’t decide. I guess I’m pretty headstrong and can’t see myself any other way.

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