Cautious Optimism

When was the last time you laughed so much that your face ached? For me, the answer is last night. I went on the best first date I’ve ever had (granted, the competition isn’t exactly fierce) with a man who made me laugh to the point where I snorted cola out of my nostrils – which, while it may not be the most elegant expression of mirth is at least cheaper than snorting coke up one’s nostrils.

So, yes, we met through an online dating site last week, emailed a couple of times, chatted on the phone on Sunday and agreed to meet for a drink last night.

Apart from being entertaining as hell, he’s 6’3″, an ex semi-pro swimmer and rugby player who still trains and coaches regularly, he’s self-confident but sensitive and has lovely manners as well as a distinctly naughty streak. He wasn’t even thrown by me quoting latin at him. And he said he thinks I’m hot, so he is clearly a man of taste and discretion, right?

Having relayed all this to the girls in the office (what do you mean? Of course I had to tell them all about it), we discovered that the son of a colleague went to school with my date and was in the swim team with him. A quick phone call elicited the information that he is ‘completely genuine’ and ‘earnest’, as well as definitely unmarried and a ridiculously good swimmer… which explains the shoulders and arms.


I’m now looking up films to see with him on Friday night.

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22 Responses to Cautious Optimism

  1. modestypress says:

    At one time, I tried to “set you up with David.” I am sure that was a very bad idea. For many reasons, including that you are thousands of miles apart.

    Now David has become involved with an amazon former soldier. If your new “interest” know about this, he and she might be attracted to each other. However, the good news is that you and David (and all people near and maybe some day dear to you) are thousands of miles apart.

    However, I suggest that both you and David avoid reading a classic science fiction novel by Alfred Bester, titled The Stars My Destination.

  2. woo says:

    You do realise that, now you have mentioned said book, I will go out of my way to seek it out…

    David would be far too good for me. Plus, I am learning so much from his handling of his emerging relationship with Beth that I have a vested interest in seeing it continue to flourish. So, I won’t be flying to Portland to seduce him, despite your recommendation – otherwise, I would obviously obey you in this, as in all things, my dear Mr Random.


  3. jiva says:

    woohoo! cant beat a good set of shoulders. ooohhh them shoulders are one of the best bits on a man.

    good luck! I’m sure everyone has someone perfect for them. I know its difficult to find them too. hope he wraps those strong arms around you.

  4. azahar says:

    w00t! This sounds very promising indeed.

    Find a way to sneak in taking a photo on Friday …

  5. modestypress says:

    I beg jiva’s pardon. My wife tells me she is most attracted to my wrists.

    Because I love you, woo, (though most platonically, to be sure, though I am suspicious about how fond you are of Plato) I will tell you a deep, dark secret about my wife and our the naughtiness of our love life.

    Years ago, at my suggestion and her eager agreement, I suggested to my wife that she stop shaving the hair on her legs and her armpits.

    I’ve heard that some European women follow such perversions, though I’ve never had an opportunity to test this story out.

    In America, in fact, many men are starting to shave off their body hair as well.

    NEWTS! NEWTS! my wife says in disgust.

    For a woman to keep her body hair is now a greater taboo than using the F word or appearing nude in public. What is that all about?

  6. Fugitive Pieces says:

    A son of a colleague went to school with him? This is what I love & hate about Sydney. Six degrees of separation would be a sodding miracle in this town, let alone your office. All roads lead to it.
    Incestuousness aside – he sounds gorgeous. And of course he thinks you’re hot. The man has eyes. Have fun on Friday…

  7. Why am I sitting here with a ridiculous smile on my face? Because I’m happy for you.

    Romani quidem artem amatoriam invenerunt.

  8. Oh, Henry Barba eram meus Latin magister

  9. pandemonic says:

    Answer to your first question? Just now! 😛

  10. David says:

    Do you mean to suggest that there are people in this world who *don’t* think you’re hot? Geez. What the hell?

    The smarter part of my brain says to tell you that earnest funny men who do athletic coaching are usually incredibly good in bed. Not that you didn’t already know that; I just thought it was a funny reaction. As in ha ha, not as in strange. Although it might also have been strange.

  11. woo says:

    Jiva – yes, I’m absolutely with you on the shoulders & arms deal 🙂

    azahar – I’ll see what I can do… 😉

    Mr Random – yes, it is weird that body hair on men is acceptable but not on women. I’m lucky in that I’m not particularly hirsute in the first place, but I have female friends who fight a never-ending battle with their body hair. And while it used to be true that women in continental Europe didn’t shave their armpits and legs, that ceased to be the case many years ago. American cultural dominance ensured the universality of an ideal of hairless (and, by implication, extremely youthful) beauty.

    I did notice that a large number of sporty men in Australia seem to shave their body hair. Apparently its not vanity, its because they take swimming etc so seriously. Hmmm.

    And I’m sure your wrists are lovely 🙂

    Fugitive Pieces – yes, it was rather an odd coincidence. Would never have happened in London… but that’s the Lower North Shore for you…

    Archie – thank you! And yes, my favourite of Henry’s is ‘Recedite plebes, gero rem imperialem!’

    Pandemonic – good!

  12. Ha! I told you there was someone out there. Hope it continues as it began.

    As far as body hair goes, I am one of the American rebels. I stopped shaving my body hair when I was in college, which was lo these over 30 years ago. I just don’t have time for that kind of nonsense, and I figure there is probably a good reason why that hair is there. I don’t know what it is, just like we didn’t know what the appendix or tonsils were for, either. What I DO know is that if you have all the hair on your legs you are likely to notice a tick walking up your leg when it brushes against the hair and you can pick it off and kill it before it latches on and bites you. This is a very good thing, in my book.

    Oddly enough, in all the over 30 years of not shaving legs or armpits (or ANYTHING ELSE), I have never once had a person ask me why my legs are hairy or act like they think I should remove that hair.

    It’s like shoes. We all wear them, many people have a love affair with them, and I can testify that I walk around barefoot all day and have even gone to the bank when I forgot to put shoes on and no one even noticed my shoelessness. We notice our shoes and the hair on our bodies a lot more than other people do, I think.

  13. Yippie for you! I have to laugh at the way women network information like that, I think it’s great. If he had been a jerk in school, it could have ruined his chances forever! I’m so glad you’ve had an enjoyable date! I suppose they’re supposed to be enjoyable, but they so very rarely are.

  14. piereth says:

    Ohhh ,this is such good news!!!!! Nice backgorund check too, the jungle drums clearly operate well round your way… 🙂

    Wanna hear all news after tomorrow. Anyone that physically replete who makes you laugh that much is a keeper. And you ARE hot. Clearly a perspicacious gentleman to boot! and nice manners…. where did you buy this one??!!


  15. woo says:

    healingmagichands – I think we all notice stuff about our own bodies far more than anyone else does, largely because everyone else is already so busy worrying about their own body…

    waxingstrange – exactly; dating should be fun, but so often its a test of patience instead!

    piereth – well, we’ll see… early days, still, obviously, and I’ve never been the type to fall immediately – every guy I’ve been out with has been a good friend before we hooked up…

  16. piereth says:

    Go on, you could be a tiny ickly bit excited and anticipatory, it wouldn’t hurt… 😉

  17. sezbat says:

    have a good night big girl. awaiting all detail with eager anticipation. He sounds just your type Truce. Be hot but play it cool!!!!!!!! how thrilling

  18. sezbat says:

    ps most amused about arm comments. Takes me back to that disasterous disco and Pete the windmill ( name given also arm related) oh how we knew nothing about life then at the tender age of 14. It must be great dating at 30+. Enjoy and be happy !!!!!

  19. OmbudsBen says:

    Woo hoo for you, Trucie woo!

    I hope Friday night went wonderfully.

  20. woo says:

    piereth – I wish I could. I just don’t. But I’m not going to blame him for that, I’m simply not easily swept off my feet…

    sezbat – I remember Pete the Windmill and Neil the Hippy 🙂 Ah, happy (uncomplicated) days.

    Ombudsben – thanks! 😉

    *Quick update: we’ve rescheduled to this week, due to both of us being booked up a little too closely this weekend. I’ll keep you ll posted.*

  21. woo says:

    piereth – I wish I could. I just don’t. But I’m not going to blame him for that, I’m simply not easily swept off my feet…

    sezbat – I remember Pete the Windmill and Neil the Hippy 🙂 Ah, happy (uncomplicated) days.

    Ombudsben – thanks! 😉

    *Quick update: we’ve rescheduled to this week, due to both of us being booked up a little too closely this weekend. I’ll keep you all posted.*

  22. piereth says:

    Ohhhh, the suspense! 🙂

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