Niall Ferguson: My Ideal Man and Zardoz.

1. Yes, folks, I identified Historian Niall Ferguson as my ideal man some time ago – after reading his books Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power and Colossus: Rise and Fall of the American Empire in fact.

While I don’t necessarily agree with every one of his conclusions, he argues extremely concisely and cogently, drawing on clearly-presented evidence from different cultures and periods and with a writing style which is a pleasure to read. 

Also, he is hot. 🙂


Of course, he’s happily married with three children.

My only regret about turning down the undergraduate place I was offered to read History and Philosophy at Jesus College, Oxford, is that shortly after I would have arrived he took up a position as Fellow and Tutor in Modern History there. I would have attended his lectures. I could have seduced him instead of an Italian tutor of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Logic in Edinburgh. Gah!

I have often thought how useful a time machine would be and now I know EXACTLY what I would use it for first. Fuck the dinosaurs.

2. And while we’re nowhere near the subject, here is Sean Connery as Zardoz. Why? You may well ask. We certainly did. No answer, however, appears even remotely sufficient to explain this.




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14 Responses to Niall Ferguson: My Ideal Man and Zardoz.

  1. My retinas! They burn! Put it back on, Sean, put it back on.

  2. modestypress says:

    Fortunately, my eyes already have cataracts. Otherwise, I would have been struck blind.

  3. piereth says:

    It’s the puss in boots vibe to the thigh and then the bondage wimp from the waist up that gets me. Perfection.

    He’s got balls, I’ll give him that. Well, we could scarce miss them, eh?

  4. jiva says:

    still does not put me off the connery. Although if he crept up on me dressed like that I’d flinch first. I’m still certain there is someone out there for you but I’m ever the horrid optimist friend whom everyone hates.

  5. Zardoz? Who and what was that? I have some sort of atavistic response to Sean Connery. He is a sexist pig and it is quite disgusting to listen to him when he is on a talk show, but my chromosomes don’t give a damn. He is hot.

    I frequently wish for the old time machine myself, Woo. But not for seduction purposes, I’m afraid. I would stand up to my idiotic parents and attend the Curtis Institute of Music as a piano major instead of missing out on that opportunity. Of course, my life would be entirely different if I did so and I may not have ever met Jim, but at least I would not be sitting here wondering what might have come of my musicianship if I had pursued that talent.

  6. woo says:

    waxingstrange – even better/worse, the trailer for the film from which this still is taken is on YouTube. I dare you…

    Mr Random – I cannot think of a better reason for having cataracts. Clearly there *is* an evolutionary advantage to them, after all.

    Piereth – precisely. I’m not sure whether I want to shake the hand of the costume ‘designer’ on this film, or roundly slap them.

    Jiva – If he crept up on you dressed like that he’d probably be arrested 😉 Ta hon.

    healingmagichands – now that is an excellent use of a time machine!

  7. azahar says:

    Aack! All that’s missing are some bagpipes.

  8. David says:

    Sean needs a thigh wax. Just my opinion.

    And a new outfit.

    And different hair.

  9. woo says:

    Azahar – don’t think he didn’t have some handy, shoved down his ample loin cloth, no doubt…

    David – But you’re okay with the Fu Manchu moustache??

  10. sledpress says:

    Zardoz came out when I was the brevet editor of my college newspaper and I remember getting press releases and tossing them to some stoner to see if he wanted to review it when it opened. The result was something deep-thought and profound, and now you show me this — a man in hooker boots and a scarlet diaper.

    Everything I read this morning makes me think of this picture, which is a “see and raise” proposition and as for fuck the dinosaurs…

  11. pandemonic says:

    #1. Hunky, #2, just not right…

  12. That is a wonderful outfit – for an alternate universe – preferably far from this universe!

  13. woo says:

    Pandemonic – so wrong, one doesn’t quite know where to begin to enumerate the ways…

    Archie – yes, a galaxy far, far away… Would still be too close.

  14. modestypress says:

    Perhaps in the middle of a black hole?

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