Fag books

Fag books

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I am more disturbed by this the more I think about it.

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11 Responses to Fag books

  1. sledpress says:

    Being in the States, I thought this post was going to be about some bigot who went on a rant about books concerning homosexuality, which is usually a disturbing spectacle. We have this creepy preacher Fred Phelps who takes his merry band around the country with “God Hates Fags” signs and it would have been just his style.

    Hemingway, Conrad, Kipling and Stevenson all speak to a certain shrill hypermaleness, when you think of it, but Tolstoy kills the straight (if mixing a poker metaphor doesn’t scramble the discourse utterly).

  2. OmbudsBen says:

    I’m a Beatles fan, and occasionally annoyed when someone demeans them, perhaps by mocking Beatlemania, without seeing the difference.

    I feel the same way about this.

    We ought not let someone comes along snarky and detract from the original. This is like juvenile delinquents late at night peeing on a cathedral wall, believing they make a statement. (Had the authors wanted the statement made, they’d have done it themselves.)

    The rain of a new day washes it away.

  3. David says:

    This is just such a strange concept … although I have to say, one of my thoughts was: “Packaged in crinkly cellophane! The kitties would love that!”

  4. I’m speechless. Who thinks this would sell books? To whom?

  5. woo says:

    sledpress – as an Englishwoman, that interpretation of ‘fags’ hadn’t occurred to me until I showed the photo to a canadian colleague who was extremely confused by my referring to them as ‘fag books’. “But… Hemmingway wasn’t gay, was he?…” I was fascinated that Hemmingway was the only one he had trouble believing had been homosexual. Not that it matters.

    Ombudsben – “Had the authors wanted the statement made, they’d have done it themselves.” Absolutely. Hunter S Thompson probably would have, but not these guys.

    David – I have a kitty staying with me for a week (Sylvester, now a little more grown up from his first visit in March) and he, too, would love the crinkly cellophane. At about 3 am. *yawn*

    healingmagichands – yes, that’s what concerned me. Do the marketing people think the packaging is cool, somehow? Are they aiming these books at younger people? I just don’t get it.

  6. pandemonic says:

    I’m still confused, but it’s early morning and I need coffee..

  7. I might be tempted by the fact that they are small an pocket size, but the cigarette packaging does not thrill me. Perhaps they are suggesting that books are a a better addiction?

  8. woo says:

    Pan – me, too.

    waxingstrange – that’s an interesting way to look at it. Books *are* my addiction, so I guess I’m the target audience.

  9. Mary says:


    I mean, seriously, wtf?

    *scratches her head and mutters to herself*

  10. woo says:

    Mary – yep, you said it. Mystifying…

    Mr Random – speechless? You? 😉

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