In Which There is Just So Much Happening Here I May Have to Lie Down

1. My younger sister has to have an operation on her spine to remove pieces of cartilage which have split and are now poking out from between her vertebrae and aggravating her sciatic nerve, hence her recent leg and back agonies. She is scared, in pain and trying to be brave. I’m not there, but wish I were. Again. 

2. Remember a little while ago I said that three of the women I work with were trying to get pregnant? Well, as of this morning, all three are with child. 🙂 One without medical assistance but after 2 years of trying, one after a particularly painful and unpleasant cycle of IVF and one after her fourth cycle of IVF – this time with donor eggs as well as donor sperm. She has the official blood test tomorrow so please send her all your positive vibes for the embryo to stay good and stuck in there until term. She has had several unexplained miscarriages in the past and she really, really, REALLY wants this child.

3. Another friend is due to give birth to her first baby any day now…

4. One of my friends in the office is not sleeping. Proper insomnia, weeks of it. She’s at the end of her tether with exhaustion because she has been working extremely long evening and weekend hours at a second job since before Christmas – any suggestions? 

5. I’m not sure whether to be bothered by the fact that every month I seem to get at least one Facebook ‘friend request’ from someone who purports to remember me (presumably from school or university or a previous job) but of whom I have no recollection whatsoever. I ignore them: feel a brief prod of guilt and return their names to the dark, cobwebby corner of my brain which is storing them.

6. It has been raining heavily all day. My feet are still wet from my walk to work this morning. Come on Australia, sort it out! Had I wanted cold, wet jeans clammily sticking to my legs all morning I could have stayed in Anglesey with my parents.

7. This is precisely the kind of thing which reduces me to a rabid rant in under a minute. Illustration is not a hobby, it is a livelihood: pay professional illustrators for their work, Google, dammit. I bloody well bet all the marketing and PR people who dreamt up this charade of a skins campaign are being paid for their time and ‘expertise’. Grrrrr

8. And don’t start me on Ken Done…

9. Team training for the City to Surf road race is going well. So far, no injuries, and on Monday night we made it all the way to the Opera House and back (including all the steps) without keeling over, clutching our chests and gasping for breath through blue lips.

10. I have a jar of nutella on my desk. Yesterday it was full. Today, not so much.

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14 Responses to In Which There is Just So Much Happening Here I May Have to Lie Down

  1. sledpress says:

    1. Unless this is something related to a systemic disorder that I have not heard of, it sounds as if your sister is in no more serious a fix than a few dozen of my clients have been in the past — namely a herniated and ruptured spinal disc. As you phrase it, it sounds terrifying but the surgery to remove disc debris that is impinging a nerve is actually pretty common and routine.

    I have a chubby little patent-law secretary who had this done last year after a year of misdiagnosis. In most cases disc syndromes heal on their own but a truly torn/ruptured one usually needs the surgical help. The tough part for most people is doing the recuperative exercise that will stop this kind of thing from happening to other intervertebral junctions. Discs don’t blow out randomly. They need hydration, motion and muscular support.


    4. Standardized valerian will knock most people right out. If someone wants to go for really big (and pricey, but infallible) guns, there is a product called Sleep Wizard (Google it) which is the Cadillac of nutraceutical sleep inducers. No drug sides. The manufacturer is a shameless profitmaker and hustler except his products are actually as good as he says, which I say from the perspective of someone who has been farting around with this kind of thing for 35 years or so.

    Acupuncture also always puts me right out, if there is a good acupuncturist to be found. It is more relaxing than anything.

  2. ombudsben says:

    Trucie-woo, I have insomnia, too. The worst if it is when, tired from the previous night, I go to bed around 9 and then wake at 10 or 2, at which point I find it is lethal to take a mild sedative, which takes a while to put me to sleep, so that I get back to sleep around 3 and am very, very sluggish at 6 when I need to get going. Uggggggh grump, slump, thump, crawl.

    Last night I took a temazapam pill around 9. I woke once at 1 or 2, but was able to knock out again almost immediately (the mind did not begin spinning) and slept until 6. It was heavenly.

    So I recommend occasionally (not often) taking a good sedative early–or at least, it works for me.

  3. ombudsben says:

    Also, you’re memory once again impresses me. To have such recall of every page you’ve read is, for me, astonishing. And then to forget people? How wonderfully individual all our noggins are!

  4. 1. What sledpress said. Plus: a word to the wise. If you will exercise, hydrate and STRETCH regularly, you can generally avoid these sorts of injuries.
    2. As an ex-infertility patient, I am really starting to wonder about this need people have to procreate. At a certain point in my medical safari in search of motherhood, I finally decided that maybe there was a darned good reason why none of my fertilized eggs developed — like maybe there were chromosome abnormalities??? At any rate, Jim and I adopted Jesse and the three of us could not be happier with the results. Jesse was 14 1/2 when we met him, 16 when the adoption was final. With all the millions of children who have no parents in this world, I am wondering why so many people are willing to spend so much money to achieve pregnancy. That being said, I wish all the pregnant ladies the best and hope they produce progeny that will make them proud and happy in the future.,
    4. Chamomile tea helps too. When I have insomnia, I find it is almost always related to the fact that my busy brain is busy busy busy and if I meditate or do reiki it shuts up and I can sleep. But insomnia is a horrible thing to have as a chronic state.
    5. Another reason I deactivated my Facebook page. Getting friends requests from people who tormented me to death in HS and apparently don’t remember what they called me for nine years. Plus the big time suck aspect of it.
    9. I thought of your training program as I was walking Ruby yesterday. I wasn’t running though.
    10. Nutella. Vastly over-rated source of calories, IMHO. Cheese, now. I can’t leave it alone.

  5. azahar says:

    5. I can’t stand Facebook and only stick with it because I’m told it will be useful for social media marketing stuff when I get back to work. Plus there are a few people I know who only use FB, so it’s a way of keeping in touch. Otherwise, way too little return on time investment.

    Twitter, on the other hand, is pithy and always entertaining. Quite educational too, depending on who you choose to follow.

  6. 4) Scotch. And lots of it.

  7. woo says:

    sledpress – 1. thanks, that reassures me that what she will have to undergo is more routine than it sounds to the uninitiated. 4. I have passed on both those tips, thank you. 🙂

    Ombudsben – sorry to hear you have insomnia, too. I have to say, its one of the things I regularly thank my lucky stars that I don’t have (except for when I had depression, which was awful). On the other hand, if I don’t get at least 8 hours unbroken sleep a night, I’m baggage. How anyone manages to function on less is beyond me.

    And I never forget people I’ve actually known as a friend – its the ones who knew *of* me, but with whom I was never really friends, and who now get in touch (once they’re changed their name through marriage and put on about 4 stone in weight) that I find difficult to place!

    healingmagichands – 1. I have been making that point to my sister, to little avail, for about 15 years. Hopefully this will scare her into taking the advice and looking after herself. 2. Yep, every once in a while – like when some government agency tells us that we ‘shouldn’t postpone having children til our late thirties or older’ I panic a little… but then I remember that a) its not like I’m choosing to put it off, I just haven’t found anyone I want to have children with yet and b) if it turns out that I can’t have children, I’ll adopt 🙂 4. Chamomile tea is a good tip, thanks. 9. I think if I could borrow Ruby I’d be a lot more motivated! 10. Cheese? Ugh, yuk. I can’t bear cheese.

    Azahar – I only use FB because I have friends back in the UK who won’t twitter, darn them.

    David – oddly enough, that was pretty much the first thing she tried!

  8. sledpress says:

    Auwe!!!! How can anyone NOT like CHEESE?

  9. woo says:

    its like eating curdled fat. With salt. yuk.

  10. sledpress says:

    Please tell me you at least like chocolate… 😉

  11. azahar says:

    Mmmmm… curdled fat with salt! 🙂

    I don’t like chocolate though. Or chamomile tea.

  12. woo says:

    I love chocolate. LOVE it. Especially dark chocolate with nuts.’

    Aw, who am I kidding? Any chocolate. Any at all.

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