I danced and I cuddled and I ran

1. On Friday night I went to a party. Nothing remarkable in that, you might think, except that I actually rather enjoyed myself.


Normally I prefer dinner parties to party parties but this was a smallish gathering in a nice apartment, within walking distance of my flat – which meant I didn’t have to worry about getting home.


I knew and liked everybody who was there and, more importantly, they knew me so didn’t try to ‘persuade’ me to have a nasty-tasting alcoholic drink. They were unbothered by my drinking water all evening.


We had an iPod dock to provide tunes from the various iPods and iPhones carried by just about everyone, which meant that I got to dance to several cheesy 80’s ‘anthems’ – using a spatula as a microphone, of course – as well as having an opportunity to thrash around to my music at the end of the night while everyone else was crashed out on the sofa.


And then – after pouring a paralytically drunk colleague into a cab – I was able to trot home contentedly, with nary a headache to mar the following day. 


2. On Saturday I visited a friend, her husband and their two week old son, with a couple of other friends. We brought and prepared lunch, cuddled the baby, chatted and then washed up and left her to some peace and quiet. Lovely.


3. On Sunday I ran the 10km bushwalk route that we walked last weekend, from the Spit Bridge (unfortunate name – due to a promontory of land out into the harbour, not to any local habit) to Manly beach. It took me an hour and 22 minutes, with a couple of walk breaks on some of the particularly steep bits. I was jolly pleased with myself.


Of course, it is easier to run off-road – somehow, the concentrating on not falling over the stones and steps takes one’s mind off the burning muscles and shortness of breath – and it was only 10km, whereas the City to Surf in 4 weeks time will be 14km on road and with a killer up-hill section at the 8km point… but still. Not bad for a first go.


I’m going to try and round up a couple of the others to run it again with me the weekend after next.


4. And then on Sunday night I went to the cinema and dinner with my Running Accountant Friend, his mother and his girlfriend of 8 months – who is now 4 months pregnant with their child. They’ve just moved into a new place together, on the other side of town from me. And that’s a pity from my (entirely selfish) point of view because I get to see even less of him, and never without her. But still. He is happy and so I am happy for him.

I am, however, heartily sick of being happy for other people in romantic situations. I would quite like to be happy for myself for a change. But – as a friend pointed out on Saturday – if I keep acting like ‘just friends’ with men I find interesting, that is unlikely to happen. 

Which had me worried for a while, until I remembered that each man I have been in a romantic relationship with was ‘just a friend’ first. Sometimes for several years.

I’ve just forgotten how it ever moves from mates to mating…

Oh wait, something like this:

Him: “Are you free on Saturday night? Do you fancy dinner?”

Me: “Yep, love to. When and where?”

Him: “Good. How about the Japanese place at 7?”

Me: “Perfecto. Who else is coming, maybe cab share?”

Him: “Its just the two of us. Its a date, okay? You’re still coming, right?”

Me: “Oh. Oh, yes. Yes. A date. You and me? You want to go on a date with me? Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer one of my friends? But you’re so handsome/funny/intelligent. No? Me. Okay. Of course. A date. Right. Lovely.” 
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10 Responses to I danced and I cuddled and I ran

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … if I can find someone who likes me, there’s hope for every single single person on the face of this Mother Earth.

    Friends first is good; more scope for “friends always” if it starts that way, I think.

  2. …by which I meant “always still friends with romantic stuff on top of it, which is good because friendship lasts even when other stuff fades or you’re pissed off or whatever.”

  3. piereth says:

    I agree with David. Friends is good – but the old prob of being too good friends to date then rears its uglies. A dashed serrated knife-edge to walk, egad. Well, if someone like me, who has the romantic sensibility of a slug, can manage it then you can, my erudite and aware friend.

  4. modestypress says:

    Every case is different. Every case breaks the rules. Whether or not you get away with breaking the rules is a day to day thing, like being a fugitive who has not yet been caught.

  5. How nice that your friends don’t mind that you don’t drink. I’m thinking about abstaining. Alcohol makes me say stupid things. I used to just tell everyone that my water was straight Vodka. 80’s music is so much fun to dance to, it really sounds like a nice party.

  6. OmbudsBen says:

    Yes, spit bridge is a brow-arching moniker, but I’m also curious about Manly beach. Is it, really? And does it possibly have a mate, Womanly beach?

  7. woo says:

    David – you and Beth *do* give me hope. And I agree, friends is a good place to start but…

    Piereth – as you so astutely put it, the line between being such good friends that you’re almost like siblings is a fine one. And you do not have the romantic sensibilities of a slub: you are a keenly sensitive soul. 🙂

    Mr Random – Hmmm, I never was much of a rule-breaker: I blame Plato’s ‘Apology’ for giving Socrates the lines about ‘even though a particular law is unjust, one should still obey it because to disobey it is to undermine the strength and purpose of laws in general’. At which point he drinks the hemlock – but I don’t plan to go that far.

    waxingstrange – they have become used to me. Alcohol makes everyone say stupid things… of course, it also helps people admit things and blurt things that help them ‘hook up’ with other people they’d normally be too shy or lacking in confidence to importune.

    Ombudsben – oddly, Manly was named in around 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip after his encounter with the ‘confident and manly’ Aboriginal people of the Kay-ye-my clan who lived there.

  8. azahar says:

    Ben beat me to a quip about Manly beach and it possibly being a good place to get a date. Ah well…

  9. I’ll leave the encouragement to David as I have never had any problem being attached. Even the few times I was unattached I got reattached awfully darn fast. Sickeningly fast, actually.

    Glad you had a good run, I know I could definitely walk that far but running is right out. Good luck on the 14k! I’m still gasping on the couch and suffering vicarious leg cramps just at the very thought of your last race.

  10. woo says:

    azahar – well, so you’d think but…

    healingmagichands – I had a massage this weekend and I imagined your garden outside the massage room, just like it would be at your place 🙂

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