Hello, Goodbye and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

1. Through a colleague who has recently become a friend, I met some new people last night. People that I really liked. People who reminded me strongly (backgrounds, clothing, manners) of one of my circles of friends in the UK. I hope I see them again and that we become friends directly.

So far, pretty much everybody I know in Sydney is through work. I’d like to enlarge that circle. Quite apart from anything else, it would help me to unwind from the stresses of the job to spend time with people who don’t work with me – its all too easy to fall into ‘talking shop’ when with work mates, even outside work.

Also, one of these new people was rather attractive – he managed to exude calm and genuine warmth as well as passion and determination, although I only really spoke to him very briefly. And he had nice shoulders.

Isn’t it interesting how one makes decisions about people – “I like them” “I don’t like them” – based on so little and without even being properly conscious of the process of judgement driving it.


2. At lunchtime today we drove Swedish Designer to the airport for her flight back home. She has been here for 3 months as part of the exchange program run by our parent company and she has been a real joy to know. So, farewell Malin. I very much hope our paths cross again.

One always seems to do more, somehow, when there is a guest on hand to ‘show around’. The challenge now will be to keep the activities and outings going, even without the spur of someone whose time here is limited and wants to cram in as much fun as possible.

3. Which brings me to Sydney Opera House’s planned Festival of Dangerous Ideas. So many events to rant at attend. I’ve already booked tickets to ‘Religion Poisons Everything’, ‘Policing Our Minds Is The Future’ and ‘Dead Aid’. And I’m very much looking forward to Germaine Greer’s session and the Team Loko gig.

Gosh, don’t you just loathe middle-class, privately educated, white, bleeding-heart liberals who think they’re radical?

*brushes off Che t-shirt and tucks Banksy’s Wall and Piece under one arm*

The irony of that book being available on Amazon is not lost on me, btw…

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5 Responses to Hello, Goodbye and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

  1. modestypress says:

    I just read your blog post. I read the entire thing. Now you tell me it is filled with dangerous ideas. Is there an antidote I can take? Or is it already too late.

  2. David says:

    I love the notion of a dangerous ideas festival … it’s so … wonderfully counterintuitive.

  3. woo says:

    Mr Random – I am surprised that you are not a key organiser of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas…

    David – I suspected you might rather like it. 😉

  4. Oh to be in Sydney now the dangerous ideas are out.

  5. suzanne says:

    Loved your comment on the middle class radical. totally agree – and they can be dangerous.
    Sydney needs more dangerous ideas, we need a shake up, living too high, too well, why is it that the best creativity seems to come out of hard times.

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