Sculpture and Pregnant Women by the Sea

The weekend before last I went to Nelson Bay with friends – 2 of the women in the photo above used to work with me, 2 of them still do and 2 of them are pregnant.

That is beginning to sound rather like one of those dreadful questions from a GCSE Maths exam. “Which of the women has the most oranges? Explain the formula below.”

We walked along the beach, had a delicious brunch, chatted and watched ‘Footloose’.

Last weekend I joined about eleventy-squillion other people – including my mate Running Accountant and his heavily pregnant partner – for a walk along the sea front between Bondi Beach and Coogee, as part of the annual ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ exhibition. This year, there was even a sculpture in the sea, much to my delight. Oh, how we pointed and chortled.

The two weekends were both enlivened by the presence of pregnancy. Sydney is currently in the misleadingly soft maternal grip of an unprecedented baby-boom, apparently.

I, however, am still single and the closest I’ll be coming to having a baby anytime soon is being able to borrow one (I mean, er, babysit), which I’m doing for 3 month-old Hugo this coming weekend while his parents are sailing.

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8 Responses to Sculpture and Pregnant Women by the Sea

  1. A baby boom, huh? I still remember back in the days when I thought that I would be able to have a child myself and we were trying oh-so-desperately to be pregnant, it seemed like the world was filled with pregnant women. Sadly, none of them were me. Even thought we have neo-natology and lots of scientifical understanding of how it all happens, it is still a great mystery and very magical: this ability to reproduce ourselves. I think that the loss of that sense of magic is a great sadness.

  2. The weekend before last I went to Nelson Bay with friends – 2 of the women in the photo above used to work with me, 2 of them still do and 2 of them are pregnant.

    Were you going to St. Ives, while you were at it? 😉

  3. woo says:

    healingmagichands – yes, it is a great mystery, and the mystery at the moment is mainly whether I’ll ever even get to try to be pregnant. I really don’t want to be left with no alternative but deciding to ‘go it alone’.

    David – ha! 😉

  4. In my personal opinion, I do not think going it alone is a viable way to raise a child. The difficulties of making a living at the same time you provide care a guidance are almost insuperable. At the very least you need a tribal group to help with the job, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a man.

  5. woo says:

    Luckily, this particular friend has exactly that – a tribal group of close female friends who will be with her through the birthing classes, the birth itself, and will share the care and upbringing. And financially she’s sorted, too, thanks to 20 years of extremely shrewd planning.

  6. robodad says:

    Ok, gotta deal for you:

    You can envy us parents while you go SCUBA diving at night and have other fun outdoor adventures.

    And we parents will envy your adventures in speed dating and outdoorsyness in the Land of Oz from the midst of our toy-cluttered living rooms while our children hit each other or throw temper tantrums at the lunch table over not getting the pink princess cup.

    Also, you can have one of my kids if you want. Seriously. I’ll send you pictures, you pick. I’m sure FedEx ships real cheap.

  7. woo says:

    Excellent, done!

    Your kids sound bright and beautiful, so I might have trouble picking just one though… 😉

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