Good lord, it's cold.

I’m sitting on the sofa of my brother and sister-in-law’s (thatched, 17th century) cottage, making the most of my niece’s nap time with a nice cup of tea, a couple of choccie biccies, a good book and my iPhone.

The fact that, thanks to less than a foot of snow, the village is almost cut off from the main roads (my brother has told his boss he’s snowed in and is ‘remote-working’… i.e. building a snowman and dragging Beatrice round the lanes on an old wooden sled belonging to one of the neighbours) is no barrier to a 3G connection with The Interweb. Truly fantastic.

I’m having such a lovely time, though it is bitterly cold anywhere further than 3 feet from the aga or the fireplace. Getting up late, playing with my niece, plenty of good food – the pub in the next village is run by an ex-Michelin starred chef and his wife and my sister-in-law is an excellent cook – and the countryside covered in a blanket of crisp, fresh snow. Picturesque.

So good to see my brother again, too. I miss him and my sisters when I’m in Sydney.

Oddly, though, Sydney feels like home.

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13 Responses to Good lord, it's cold.

  1. doctordi says:

    That’s a relief – I’d be quite peeved if Piereth’s snow gods enchanted you sufficiently that you fell into a deep frozen sleep and forgot to come home. It does all sound rather magical, though…

    • woo says:

      ah well, now that I’m back in Sydney – my flight arrived this morning and I came pretty much straight into work, after a shower – that deep sleep is certainly threatening to overcome me… not frozen though. More like roasted.

      • doctordi says:

        Welcome home! Ew about that whole straight to work thing, though – today is nothing if not a day for the beach. Honestly, Woo, a schoolgirl error! Get some sleep. That flight is a foul-breathed bitch.

      • woo says:

        ah, it wasn’t too bad, really. I made it through the working day (didn’t achieve a hell of a lot, but still, I was here and awake. Mostly) and managed to unpack before I fell asleep at 8pm. Feeling much better now.
        To be honest, if I’d gone to the pool or beach in yesterday’s heat I’d have probably fallen asleep in the sun and burnt to a crisp!
        Glad to be back, though πŸ™‚

  2. Bitterly cold doesn’t sound that great to my ancient and thinning blood although family, good food and a book sounds wonderful.

  3. piereth says:

    Wonderful to be amongst family. And I’m thrilled you feel Sydney to be your home. It reassures me that you’re truly happy so far away – bless you, and see you tomorrow, I hope! xXx

  4. It’s cold here too. and isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? So glad you are having a wonderful time.

    • woo says:

      I thought of you as we drove past Avebury and Stonehenge – my brother lives in Wiltshire and the village is surrounded by stone and wooden prehistoric henges. πŸ™‚

  5. OmbudsBen says:

    Sounds like a great vacation, Trucie. Have a good, safe flight “home.”

  6. piereth says:

    Hope you fly safe, my angel. Thank you a million times for trekking all the way over to the frozen west and getting stuck up the ‘brith, all in the name of coming to see me!!!

    I will send your presidents over, toute de suite, and have a wonderful return to your home city xxxxx

    • woo says:

      ah yes, I am about to recount said intrepid tale of snowy adventure. It was well worth it; an absolute tonic to see you again, and looking so wonderful, as well as to meet M and poke around your marvellous new home. πŸ™‚

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