Monday. So far, so bad.

1.  So, having spent a significant part of the last two weeks thinking “I quite like Twinkly-Eyed Guy, but I don’t really think we’re compatible so maybe we should just be friends, even though I’m fairly fed up of not having a sexual partner and I do find him attractive so maybe we could have sex a few times without it getting all serious, but I don’t want to mess him about, especially since he’s a friend of a friend and all…”, it turns out I needn’t have worried.

We met for a quick drink last night and before I could blurt out any of the above, he told me that while I was away he had become involved with ‘an old flame’.

I wished him well, and we’re going to stay in touch as friends.

I confess to a slight feeling of injured self-esteem – the usual “What’s wrong with me? How come he likes someone else better?” – which is completely ridiculous, I know, given that I wasn’t that into him, either. But I’m only 90% rational; the other 10% is a giddy vortex of emotional nonsense.

However, the only real downside to this development is that now I am even more hopeful (and thus, more likely to be disappointed) that Tall Pilot Guy will actually get in touch to arrange a date and time for our Avatar viewing pleasure.

I think maybe I’ll text him with the nights I’m free this week – a gentle reminder and some encouragement can only be good, right??

2. I try not to mind apologising when the fault is mine. But it really does grate when I have to apologise for something that was not my fault.

I’ve just had to write a grovelling apology email to one of our freelance artists who spotted one of his illustrations on the cover of the italian edition of a book (he’s Italian), only to discover that it was incorrectly credited to another artist. The cause of this error? My boss supplied the italian publisher with some images from our archive for them to create their own cover, without letting them know that they’d need to change the credits as the artist was different.


3. I have a stomach ache, no doubt due to the lunch I was treated to by one of our photo agency reps. Chicken Caesar salad with enough dressing to swim several olympic-distance lengths in and positively sinking under the weight of parmesan ‘shavings’.

I always mean to order it with the dressing on the side, no croutons, only a little parmesan and no anchovies… but then I chicken out (see what I did there?) when I imagine the waitress rolling her eyes over the picky customer. I mean, I basically want some green salad leaves, some grilled chicken, a little crispy bacon and a boiled egg. Nothing fancy. Why do they have to muck about with it?

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14 Responses to Monday. So far, so bad.

  1. 1) *laughing* Oh, I know that feeling. The “I didn’t really want you except maybe to go to bed with a few times, but damn it, I wanted the chance to say that first!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2) Maddening. Maddening. Maddening.

    3) Picky, shmicky. Life is too short for crappy salad.

    • woo says:

      1) ah, but I consider that I have grown and matured because I didn’t respond with ‘Oh well, I didn’t really fancy you anyway’, I just smiled and wished him well 🙂

      2) Yes, and the ornery bugger hasn’t even replied to my grovelling apology yet…

      3) an excellent point, and well made. Unlike the salad.

  2. doctordi says:

    1. This exact thing happened to a friend of mine over the same period – what’s with these guys? and who are these old flames?!

    2. I would really hate that too.

    3. Agreed. Felt all risky-taking last week and ordered a Caesar only to abandon it quick smart – the best one is Llew’s House Special and I should never, ever have strayed.

    • woo says:

      1) maybe its the same old flame, going the rounds and reigniting fires under all of the blokes…?

      2) yes, the universality of ‘its not fair, why do I have to say sorry when it wasn’t ME?!’ is undisputed.

      3) What annoys me is that there’s such variation in ingredients and recipe – I mean, surely to god, either its a Caesar salad or its not, right?

  3. piereth says:

    Tell the waitress what you want – much better than not enjoying your lunch!

    As for the illustration thing, what the frook can you say?? It’s the reason I go into micromanagement mode whenever there’s something important going on – take your eye away for a second and the boat sinks. FUUUUUCK! 🙂

    And as for the man-person-individual – what a fool. Nuff said.

    • woo says:

      yep, the temptation to do everything oneself is a tricky one to be rid of, and when the outcome is something like this, it is MOST galling.

      As for the TEG – well, he’s a nice guy so no hard feelings. In fact, far too nice, that was part of the problem. That and the fact that he made the cardinal error of assuming incorrectly (as so many men have done) that my blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes mean I’m as demure and angelic as that sounds. No understanding of The Dark Side, poor chap. So much better off with his old flame.

  4. modestypress says:

    What everybody else said.

    Also, don’t be polite in situations like the restaurant one. Or at least, be politely firm with what you want. They get paid to deal with it. As you do.

    • woo says:

      I’m reasonably good with ‘politely firm’. Well, with ‘firm’ anyway… heh heh.

      Its just that I know, from the slack-jawed, vacant-stared look of some waitresses that they’re not going to get the order right, so why bother?

  5. Around here waitresses are quite used to people asking for their dressing on the side.

    Isn’t it so true. We want to be the rejector rather than the rejectee. At least he didn’t do to you what one of my swains did to me.

    • woo says:

      Yes, perhaps its my Englishness which prevents me from ordering what I really want, the way I want it. I have an American friend over here who has no such qualms.

      And Oh. My. God. You did so right to dump his arse. Good business alliance or not, I feel sorry for his wife, knowing that he married her while in love with another woman, you.

  6. Pete says:

    Ok, they all said it. You’ve reminded me to be more assertive about ordering in restaurants. And always to assume people (especially waitrons) are idiots until proved otherwise! And what so say about the man? Ugh.

    • woo says:

      Well, you’d have been proud of me today, I ordered my steak rare and without cafe de paris butter (rather than just scraping it off when it arrives, having ruined the steak and the frites). It was delicious and I was content. 🙂

  7. 1. Gah. That stinks. Perhaps you should give the emotional side some chocolate.

    3. Life is definitely too short for bad salad. You’re paying them for food. If it will assuage your guilt, leave a juicy tip, but don’t suffer because they’re whiny.

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