In Which I Need Better Drugs

Once again, my legs are covered in itchy red welts, thanks to the local flyie-bitie population. Fuckers.

All I did was stop in the park during my run to stretch my hamstrings for about 5 minutes and voila, eleven separate bites. ELEVEN. At least two of which are on parts which were covered by lycra.

Topical aloe vera is having no effect and nor are my normally sanity-saving Fexotab anti-histamine pills, even at twice the normal dose. Rubbish drugs.

Rubbish skin. Rubbish immune response system.

Nothing reduces me to misery faster than this.

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13 Responses to In Which I Need Better Drugs

  1. sledpress says:

    Try what I use when I’ve been farting around in the garden and touched too many plants that make me go welty. (I don’t hear much from bugs any more; I taste like hell, apparently.)

    Get some sea salt and stir in plain vegetable oil till it is goopy and a little runny (organic safflower is best but I have used grape and coconut) and use it as a light scrub, leave it on a minute or so even if it stings a bit, then rinse and dry — no soap. The salt will pull some of that allergenic crap out from the upper skin layers and the oil will soothe it down. Good for any dry skin issue but it seems to help me with inflamed itchy things, too.

  2. I’ve had good results with baking soda made into similar goop, as well. Sometimes those old wives’ remedies are the best ones. I’ve used the baking soda method for bee stings, mosquitoes, and spider bites.

  3. OmbudsBen says:

    At least two of which are on parts which were covered by lycra.


    Sorry for that. Couldn’t help it. If Mark Twain was right in saying that something is funny if it would make you mad if it happened to you, then I plead guilty.

    I hope your recovery is quick.

  4. Oy. Hope I don’t ever have that sort of immune response. My body’s usual reaction is a “So what? I got bit?” with a small redness and some itching that goes away in about five minutes. That salt scrub thing sounds like it would work quite well.

  5. Norwichrocks says:

    Sledpress and David – Thanks to you both, I tried those remedies last night (I even used my good extra virgin olive oil) but these welts are quite literally (I measured them) more than 8cm in diameter each, rock hard, swollen by a good centimetre and hot as hell. I’m sure those remedies would work well on normal bites, but my skin is a law unto itself. 😦

    Ombudsben – now I’ve told you about schadenfreude before! πŸ˜‰

    healingmagichands – you are SO lucky. As I lay awake last night, desperately fighting the urge to scratch, I considered all the things I’d be willing to trade for skin which didn’t a) attract every biting insect in a mile radius and b) didn’t overreact like a daytime soap star to every little nibble. The list was a long one.

  6. azahar says:

    Calamine lotion?

  7. I can sympathise. I suffer badly from sandfly bites. For days on end. There is no cure [sob]

  8. modestypress says:

    People live in Australia? I am sure the other creatures who abide there are all muttering to each other, “Can’t they take a hint they are not welcome here?

    “We mean, OK, the aborigines were sort of grandmothered in, but really these people from Europe? What ever we they thinking?

    “Oh, they were transported as convicts. Well that would explain a few things…”

    By the way truciewoonorwichrocks, what crime did you commit that sent you to Oz? When does the sentence end, or is it a life sentence?

  9. I find witch hazel to be very effective with bug bites. They sound alarming, I’m sorry to hear that they’ve been plagued by evil insects.

  10. Fugitive Pieces says:

    It’s impossible to avoid bites altogether here, but I’ve heard good things about the clicking devices that use piezo-electricity to ‘zap’ the bite; they seem to minimise the histamine response which is your big problem…eg
    (You can get them from most big chemists. I’m also thinking fewer noxious repellents on your skin would be nice for you. Maybe worth trying some Brewer’s Yeast supplements too? Have to be taken all the year round to be effective, though…)
    Otherwise, this might cheer you up:
    Bloody mozzies.

  11. Norwichrocks says:

    Thanks all – in the end I had to go to the doctor for a series of three injections of cortisone to bring the swelling down and stop the itching. I’m afraid that calamine and witch hazel, though both very effective on normal bites and stings, were completely ineffective on these 8cm welts.

    However, the itching and swelling has now gone and I just have rather attractive scars all over my legs which will no doubt linger for a couple of weeks.


    • Thank heavens for drugs when we really need them, it is wonderful that all those biochemists are out there finding solutions for 8 cm welts. I am re thinking my ideas of visiting Sydney. I’d hate to find out I was allergic to those bugs by accident. So glad you are feeling better.

      I have been given it on good authority that scars add character.

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