The treacherous bloody cow

Why have I suddenly password-protected my blog? You may well ask. Because a spiteful little cow here at work dobbed it in to the boss. Luckily, the boss was very good about it – she was embarrassed to have to mention it and more than happy to accept my reassurance that the blog is private and mentions no names, either of people or companies, and so is not traceable.

Plus, the boss knows exactly what a poisonous little viper this colleague is and has no time for her, so she probably did herself more harm than me with her little scheme…


If she had a legitimate concern about this blog she should have mentioned it to me, not just run immediately to the boss to tell tales.

She’s just annoyed because I was recently given a project that she’s been desperately angling for.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this girl is disliked in the office – her nickname is ‘Clipboard’ because she is so unbearably officious and patronising. She has already cost us two designers who quit because they couldn’t work with her and very nearly cost us another 2 weeks ago: I talked that particular designer off the ledge whilst at the same time keeping out of the whole fight so as not to take sides and aggravate the situation, and now I wish I hadn’t. I should have just let the shit hit the fan and watched while she got well and truly covered in it.

I used to think that this woman meant well but was just unfortunate with her interpersonal skills at work, and since I could see that it was motivated by insecurity – both personal and professional – I have repeatedly given her the benefit of the doubt. I have spent hours with her, trying to help her improve her professional skills, not to mention the hours I’ve spent listening to her wittering about her ex.

But now she has shown her true colours. And that colour is back-stabbing bitch.

I’m not going to lower myself to start some petty war with her, but I shall cease to make allowances for her behaviour and cease to regard her as any type of friend.

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15 Responses to The treacherous bloody cow

  1. piereth says:

    Why bother to password protect it if the boss doesn’t care?? I suppose you have to, as discretion is important, but this woman needs judgement, and that right soon, if you’ll allow me to paraphrase the Bibble.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      I’m only password protecting to keep out the particular cow who dobbed me in, largely so I can rant about her to my heart’s content πŸ™‚

  2. modestypress says:

    This is awful. Just before our respectve retirements, my wife and I went through similar episodes with our workplaces. Having to share a workspace with such people does create a Hell.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      I know, there’s always one, isn’t there? I suppose I should count my blessings that there is only one here!

  3. @piereth — Well, my guess is that this highly entertaining post would not have been possible without password protection. πŸ™‚

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Perceptive as ever, Mr Rochester, sir.

      • piereth says:

        I was eexternalising my utte rirritation with having to compartmentalise life in order to protect sincere feeling form infertile minds. Of course I was. Doh! I’m losing brain cells from an unidentified hole somewhere πŸ™‚

  4. What a horrible betrayal. It doesn’t sound like she’d be worth fighting with. I’m glad you’re still here, though, even if undercover!

    • Norwichrocks says:

      I’m trying to rise above it at work and I was perfectly pleasant and professional to her in a meeting yesterday, but I also declined to attend a drinks event she’s planning next week. She’s actually leaving on an exchange program for 3 months in just over 2 weeks and the whole office CANNOT WAIT!

  5. azahar says:

    “But now she has shown her true colours.”

    Sounds like she’s been showing them for quite awhile. As long as people make excuses for morons like this they have no reason to change their behaviour. Why hasn’t she been sacked?

  6. azahar says:

    Another thought … instead of hiding your entire blog you could just have occasional password-protected posts. Heh, bet that would drive her bonkers. πŸ™‚

  7. I like azahar’s sneaky idea of only having occasional password protected posts. That would drive her nuts, even if you weren’t talking about her she would be sure you were!

    A couple of years ago my sister proposed to me that I should invest time and energy in starting a spa. All I could think was that then I would have employees and staff and I’d have to deal with all that personality stuff. . . I’m still a loner, and it is working for me.

  8. sledpress says:

    M-hm. This is why, over twenty years ago, I bent all my powers toward being a sole proprietor business person.

    Whole books have been written about how to deal with people like this in the workplace. Maybe a nice afternoon’s surf on Amazon with a resulting wish list to spam around the office would make a point…

  9. OmbudsBen says:

    Well handled, woo. And it’s true that people like that get their own comeuppance in life. Yet it can be delicious to imagine concocting a new blog just for the treacherous cow to find, embedding double entendres in it to assist that comeppance some, and for a bit of deserved retribution.

  10. modestypress says:

    For some reason (pehaps because my cousin became a Chinese millionaire despite being of Eastern European Jewish heritage), I started wondering what the Chinese word for “dobbed” is. (I suspect a lot of people get dobbed in China.)

    Extensive research (asking the library system where I used to work, which employs people from all over the world, including China) brought me this information:

    Apparently the Chinese term is “duifor.” I don’t know if it would be appropriate to say “duifor’ed.” Literally it means, “throwing fire at you.” I don’t know if I would recommend setting the treacherous cow on fire. If you do, I don’t know you.

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