A marriage of true minds

My friend and colleague got married on Saturday. Here he is, with his beautiful (and I’m not just saying that, she really is stunning) bride:

Those genuinely happy smiles characterised the whole wedding. Despite the bride being over an hour late for the ceremony due to a traffic jam (thank goodness for mobile phones). The weather was glorious and, as at every wedding I’ve ever attended (46 and counting) it was lovely to dress up, catch up and groove on down.

Here are some of my friends/colleagues:

The Canadian scuba-divers.

The Welsh editor and the Russian teacher.

The Aussies: designer and physiotherapist (and canyoning/hiking buddy).

Me and baby April.

Mr and Mrs C.

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10 Responses to A marriage of true minds

  1. azahar says:

    Sounds – and looks – like you had a wonderful time. I’ve hardly been to any weddings at all. Well, except for all of mine… that’s me, always a bride never a bridesmaid.

    I like your jacket!

  2. Norwichrocks says:

    Thanks Az! The coat is at least 6 years old, but I only wear it to weddings so its still in pretty good nick 🙂

  3. What a truly beautiful wedding! Forty-six? Really? I tend to ignore wedding invitations unless it is a family member, or an extremely close friend. I like the coat as well, very snazzy.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Oh, well, I love weddings! You get to dress up and get optimistically emotional and then eat well and have a good boogie.

  4. modestypress says:

    Your friends look interesting, but I have my doubts we are going to make it to Australia to meet them, or you. But keep the home fires burning, just in case.

  5. doctordi says:

    Forty-six?? How do you KNOW that?! I really would not have a clue how many I’ve attended, but I’d be surprised if it troubled a record like that! Gosh, you’ve got me wondering now…

    Love a wedding. What a gorgeous one this looks to have been! They look really deliciously pleased with themselves – perfection!

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Ah, well, the only reason I know how many is because when my brother got married three years ago they asked me to do the wedding stationery – so I tipped out the shoe box in which I keep all the invitations for inspiration… and was astonished to see so many.

      I seem to remember that in one year I actually attended 7 weddings of various friends. Only my brother’s was a family wedding – which tells you a great deal about my personal dynamic, right there.

  6. Norwichrocks says:

    Oh, and since I’ve been over here I have missed 3 weddings which took place back in Blighty that I wasn’t able to attend – though I did make it back for one. So, theoretically, it could be 49…

  7. doctordi says:

    I think there are definitely Wedding Years. It’s the age group thing. We might have punched out seven in one year ourselves… but you are still immensely popular.

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