RIP Muddy Wabbit 2002-2010

I am determined not to be maudlin about this – largely because I’m at work and if I think about his soft little furry body and wriggly nose I’ll sob over my keyboard – but I’m sad to report that Muddy the House Rabbit has died at the grand old age of at least 8. Which is not bad for a dwarf rabbit. Especially one with such a determined propensity for flinging himself off high furniture with gay abandon and wriggling his way into inaccessible household crannies.

First though, let me confess that I basically abandoned Muddy Wabbit to my sister’s care (and Dana was a wonderful Bunny Auntie) when I moved here to Australia three years ago. So he wasn’t even really my rabbit anymore. But I still miss him. And I was always absurdly comforted when I returned to the UK to find that I was still the only human he would allow to stroke him without a treat bribe. I was still the one he sought out if I sat still or was lying in bed.

He really liked me – I like to think so, anyway.

Despite the annual indignities of the Christmas Card photoshoot…

When he had had enough, he let me know…

…and then he’d be off back to more important things…

Bye bye little fellow. You were a lovely friend.

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9 Responses to RIP Muddy Wabbit 2002-2010

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you lost a good friend. Rabbits are rather cool pets. I never had one, except for a very brief period in Bremerton when I found one when I was out walking my dog. He was definitely a tame rabbit and very relieved to be found, he really didn’t understand that all that green stuff was food, pellets were food. I’m sure you remember that post, you commented on it.

    Anyway, any furry being that has a personality and is a companion animal is a special soul. Muddy Wabbit was extremely handsome.

  2. modestypress says:

    Less said about the Randoms and rabbits the better.

  3. doctordi says:

    Oh god, those photos are so adorable I could sob over the keyboard myself. So sad. Awful losing a pet. Eight years is plenty of time to receive a lot of love – which Muddy Wabbit clearly did.

  4. sledpress says:

    What a sweet little “lapin excentrique”. I can practically imagine what the soft coat must have felt like. I will say my household’s Cat Prayer for him tonight — there is actually a line for bunnies, too.

  5. Norwichrocks says:

    Thanks all. Your understanding and kindness are very much appreciated.

  6. OmbudsBen says:

    Add my condolences to the rest. It’s awful hard to lose a member of the family, and there’s a special sadness for the four-legged ones, who are so vulnerable and dependent on us, after all.

  7. Oh, what a darling little gentleman. I am so sorry to hear that he is no longer hopping the earth. He was fortunate to have you and your family to love him.

  8. azahar says:

    I wondered what had happened when you mentioned Muddy on my blog the other day. Such sad news. Such a sweet cuddly bunny.


  9. Norwichrocks says:

    Again, thanks friends.

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