You can't make this stuff up

I love my job. Just received the following as the caption information for the photo below from the photographer.

Mara* – large long-leg rodent type. Eats a grass and a bush. Well runs and jumps. Digs greater holes for a children.

*This tickles me particularly because Mara is my middle sister’s name.

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12 Responses to You can't make this stuff up

  1. Okay. That made me laugh. Don’t you sort of want to put that caption into the book unedited?

    It reads like the person wrote something out and then ran it through “babelfish” to translate it. It makes me wonder what the “Digs greater holes for a children” was in the original language.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      I DO want to use that caption unedited, I really do!

      What I want to know is, what was the original language??!!

  2. Oh please, please use the caption exactly as written. Please.

  3. doctordi says:

    It’s like it’s the animal itself trying to speak to you…

  4. azahar says:

    Digs greater holes than who?

    • Norwichrocks says:

      that’s an excellent question. I shall ask the photographer… god knows what kind of answer we’ll get!

  5. sledpress says:

    I want to see it eat a grass and a bush.

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