I'm not normally this quiet but…

I have been busily throwing myself into life and activities in a (so far pretty successful) attempt to distract myself from the recent loss of an important friendship, which is why I’ve not been posting much lately. I’ve been out. 🙂

1. My mate Todd very kindly took me to Ikea in his ute – not as bad as everyone led me to believe since we got there early and were pretty organised about what we wanted – and then I got a couple of local guys to come over and put my 3 new flat-packed bookcases together for me. I could probably have done it myself, but it would have taken me AGES, and I wanted to get on with the fun part of actually unpacking my books and getting them on the shelves. So, I paid an extra $60 and watched while Peter and Dan put them together using power tools in under 30 mins. Money well spent.

2. I ran the 9km Bridge Run on Sunday morning with Tim (my canyoning buddy). Well, I say ‘with’ him – he actually ran it in 42 mins whereas it took me 49 mins so I basically ran an increasingly long way behind him. We met up again at the end with his partner and their 9 month old daughter and all had breakfast together while we waited for another mate, Carl, to finish the marathon. Yup, he ran the whole 42 kms  (26 miles). Poor bastard is really suffering today, but I feel fine – nothing even aches particularly. Yoga and specific physio-designed stretches make an enormous difference. Plus, 9km is not really that far, especially when its mostly flat with only 2 or 3 hills to climb. The route took us over Harbour Bridge, up Maquarie Street and around the Botanical Gardens then back down Maq St to finish in front of the Opera House. Pretty hard to beat that as a running track, really.

3. Remember I won 5 free personal trainer sessions? Well, I’ve now used them and can already see the benefits (down a jeans size after only a few 1/2 hour sessions) so I’m going to find the money to carry on seeing Jaymes (I know, why add a ‘y’? Appalling.) twice a week. He really makes me push myself. Although he does send weird texts in ‘personal trainer speak’ which make me giggle and reach for the chocolate in rebellion. But if he hadn’t encouraged me to do the hill training I would have struggled much more on the Bridge Run, I’m sure.

4. I caught up for dinner and a movie with a friend who I love but who always brings me down slightly. Her marriage is in trouble and she’s only working part-time so unfortunately she has far too much time on her hands to analyze everything and talk herself into inescapable corners. I tell her not to throw it away, to work at it, to get professional help, even just to spend time with her husband and have some fun rather than only interacting in a ‘we need to talk’ kind of a way… but I don’t think she’s really listening. Which is a pity because he’s lovely and I can tell her from experience she’s not going to find a better man than Alex out here in singleland.

5. I bought a new dress for two weddings I’m attending next month. And its a GREAT dress, let me tell you. Black lace over a cream shift dress, beautifully tailored and now that I’ve lost some puppy fat* it fits like a second skin. One of the weddings is of a good friend, the other is a woman I work with – I was surprised to be invited and, if I’m honest, I’m going at least in part as a kind of social experiment. Why? Well, three examples should suffice: i) she’s been on a milkshake diet for 11 weeks in prep for the Big Day, ii) her fiance and she are involved in a running battle over whether he can install a gun safe in her apartment and iii) one of the guests will apparently be wearing a thigh-length dress with a slit up it. Oh yes, I will be taking a camera.

6. I’m off out on another date with Twinkly Eyed Guy (actually, his name is Raoul – now that this blog is password protected I can use real names) tomorrow night. Will he get to see my new bookcases?? Well, tune in on Thursday to find out, folks!

* Jaymes’ phrase for the extra kilos I’m now shedding. Nice, non?

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17 Responses to I'm not normally this quiet but…

  1. piereth says:

    Tellyerwhat, I want to know whether Raoul managed to riffle yer pages! Or if he was worthy to do so! Loving the bookcases, gorgeous girl – guess what the BB’s making me for Christmas? Yes, you guessed it! xxx

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Ah well, in the end I decided against bringing him home and tampering with him. All sorts of reasons, and all of ’em good. We had a nice evening but I think he’s now firmly in the ‘mates’ camp. I was even thinking of setting him up with another friend of mine…

  2. I hope we get a pic of you in the dress — sounds beautiful.

  3. Wow, that sounded stalker-y.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Fear not, it didn’t sound stalker-y in the least. I will try and post a photo of me in the dress… if any look halfway decent. I don’t photograph well. At all.

  4. I’ve always wondered about personal trainers and whether they were really useful or not. I’m glad to hear it has been effective for you! And that also shows why sometimes giving away services is a good idea. Look what it did: you lost weight and got stronger and he got another client. It’s all good.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      I’ve always assumed they were a pointless waste of money… but this would be one of those (many) times when my assumptions turn out to be completely erroneous.

  5. OmbudsBen says:

    Good for you with all the fitness stuff and the 9km run, NR. When do we get the Raoul update?

    Also, are you really thinking of “talla Svensk”? I took one quarter of it in college, and Stockholm is one of my favorite cities. (Most of my great-grandparents are from Dalarna and Varmland.)

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Ah well, the Raoul update is simply that I’m not really sure whether I want to just be friends with him or something more. I mean, I don’t want to confuse just wanting a relationship (and sex, to be frank) in general with wanting him specifically. So, we’re going kayaking with a bunch of my friends this weekend and we’ll see how I feel (and how he feels of course). I’ll keep you posted.

      And yes, definitely wanting to learn another language and I really like the sound of Swedish. Our parent company is based in Stockholm ad we regularly have exchange colleagues here from Sweden, Norway and Denmark so I might even make use of it at some point!

  6. Colm says:

    It’s so easy to walk blindly into a marriage breakup and not to understand that it may be worth fighting for. Two years down the road you can easily feel that it was one of the worst decisions in your life because of the impact on everything you hold dear – friends, prospects, money, kids, mental health. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Believe me – I know.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Absolutely. The trouble is, I think it may be one of those hard lessons that each person has to learn on their own – advice and the example of others just never seems to penetrate. Ah well, I’ll keep trying to encourage her to stick with it.

      • Colm says:

        Yeah – I think you are right. There’s only so much you can do and then again, some people are just not going to get along no matter what it seems like from the outside. I kinda knew things were on the wall when I was referred to as “Mr Bleugggh” by my ex, referring to the idea of me kissing her. That’s pretty solid evidence that things are not going so well..

      • Norwichrocks says:

        People say mean things about people. Mostly to try and justify their own actions and neuroses. Sounds like you are much better off without your ex. Come on over to Aus, all the girls will be queuing up to kiss an Irishman! 🙂

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