naked fishermen and flightless birds

This arrived in my mail earlier this week. Yes. A calendar of semi-clad ‘fishermen’ advertising canned fish.

T: “Where are you going, Dave?”

D: “I’m just off out to catch us some fish for supper.”

T: “Don’t forget your oilskin dungarees and your woolly hat. Its pretty chilly out there, this time of year.”

D: “Good idea, thanks. I won’t bother with a shirt though, I’ll just lube up my torso with baby oil.”

T: “Er, okay.”

Also, don’t you just hate it when you receive an advance copy of a book you’ve worked on, and discover – horror of horrors – an error? Ahem, yes, that picture is definitely a weka, not a kiwi. Pity then that the caption is about kiwis. *keeps quiet*

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16 Responses to naked fishermen and flightless birds

  1. fugitivepeaces says:

    Never try to imagine the logical evolution of an advertising image. That way madness lies, or at least a hefty dose of existential despair. Just sip your tea and contemplate it in silence. Mmm, pecs. Shiny.
    It’s a bugger about the weka, though.

  2. piereth says:

    Point the first. They don’t use baby oil, they use melted seal blubber, or tuna cellulite, or something.

    Point the second. I feel your pain with the book error. We had 250 school Christmas cards printed before I noticed that the message on the front, in French, which had been proofed through the Modern Foreign Languages department, was in fact grammatically incorrect. And I don’t even SPEAK French.

    Point the third. You’ve seen nothing till you’ve seen my Nude Farmers 2011 Calendar. Picture the scene. Sepia toned farmer wearing wellies and holding a piece of wood. A cockerel. Two strategically placed feed sacks. &c. Happy Bollockmass!

    • Norwichrocks says:

      ah, upon closer inspection it is canned fish in general, so presumably that pic shows how they catch the river salmon. *ahem*

  3. sledpress says:

    This was rather popular in the States during the years it came out — started as a fund raiser for a little twarf in New England.
    Maple Corner, Vermont, needed to maintain its Community Center and the guys ended up doing a nude calendar. Pretty much the kind of guys you find hanging around the corner store in Vermont.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      Oh good lord, that’s disturbing. I’m sure they chose black and white to make it look more artistic and classy, but its just reminding me of ‘naughty’ Edwardian postcards. Especially that one of the man and his son, naked, in the sail boat.

  4. Rule #1; You never see the error until after you have pressed “Print”!

  5. So, did you buy the tuna? Would this calendar make you choose it? Sometimes I wonder about advertising.

    The error thing. . . What Archie said. You just do the best you can. Once I got a text book where some poor soul had been detailed to put a little sticker with the correct words over an errata. I wonder how long it took that worker to go mad.

    • Norwichrocks says:

      The only thing that would make me buy canned fish would be a decent level of information about its source, and how sustainably it was fished. Semi-naked models dressed as fishermen just make me snort derisively!

  6. Oh, and now a Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year whatever you decide to do.

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