Are we there yet?

I’ve moved over from my previous blog site. Now all I have to do is figure out how to bring all my old posts with me… I may be some time *disappears into the blizzard*

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6 Responses to Are we there yet?

  1. azahar says:

    Oh boy, I’m the first to comment! 🙂

    Nice shiny new blog. Love the header.

  2. sledpress says:

    I moved my “author’s promo blog” under my pen-name over
    from Blogger just to say I did it a while back, but only about half
    the posts would transfer. As I remember it wasn’t too hard, just
    finding the place to enter the URL and push a button.

    • Woo says:

      I could have spent days, nay, weeks, looking for the right place in all the wrong places (which probably explains a great deal more about my life than just the blog move hiccup), but Az showed me the spot so I think it has worked pretty smoothly 🙂

  3. So, since it is password protected I guess the bitch won’t
    be able to figure out the new address. One suddenly wonders about
    the electronic spoor in the world wide web, how one could track
    them is it possible? Congratulations on your new blog.

    • Woo says:

      Thanks! That’s the hope – that she won’t be able to find it, even using search terms based on my real name or the name of the old blog.

      But if she does find it, I don’t care since I have carefully removed any hint of a trace of anything that could identify my employer and so potentially cause a problem.

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