I'm moving this blog…

…well, at least, I’m trying to figure out how I can move this blog.

I’ve set up another domain (https://thiswoo.wordpress.com) in order to carry on this blog from over there for two reasons:

1. I don’t want my blog to have to be password protected as it means that only people with WordPress accounts can access it and that excludes some of my friends

2. But I don’t want The Bitch who created the need for the password protection action in the first place to be able to find it again in future by using search terms based on the previous blog’s name or domain.

So, bear with me – I hope I’ll figure out how to forward it all to the new site but if not, please just pop on over there and reset your automatic linky things.

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8 Responses to I'm moving this blog…

  1. modestypress says:

    I imagine I will get lost trying to find you, and probably devoured by a bull shark as I wade through the floodwater, lost.

  2. azahar says:

    Easy peasy.

    On this blog go to Dashboard > Tools > Export

    Click all filter options to ALL

    Click on Download Export File


    On the new blog go to Dashboard > Tools > Import

    Click on the WordPress option

    Choose the export file that you just downloaded

    Click on Upload File and Import

    And that should do it.

  3. I’m in moderation over at your new place. . . hope your move is going well. Trust az to know the ins and outs of bloggery, she is so very very good at it. Helped me so much when I started.

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