The Inaugural – and aptly named – Sydney Sun Run

Its difficult to imagine now, when the temperature has dropped 15 degrees overnight from a stifling 40C to a pleasant 25C, but Saturday’s Dee Why to Manly 7km was like trying to run while being smothered by a hot blanket.

Here we are at the start (L-R: Karl, Lisa, Me, Karl’s Ute): 6.30am and already 31C (87F). Apologies for the blurry pic – my iPhone was smeared in SPF30+, as was the rest of me.

We arrived at the start to find an enormous queue for the loos, so we nipped along the beach to an area of scrubby plants and relieved ourselves as nature intended. Then we joined the throng:

After a couple of minutes, we were off.


Whoever told me the route was flat was playing a particularly sadistic joke. It was grinding uphill slopes almost the whole way. And very little shade. And only one drinks station.

The temperature, meanwhile, had climbed to over 40C (104F). Apparently, 500 of the 6,500 people who started the run didn’t make it to the end, and I can’t say I’m remotely surprised.

I finished in 40 mins 52 seconds (an average pace of 6 mins per kilometre). Lisa made it in 47 mins. Karl ran it in 33 minutes, god love him. After dazedly gulping down water and gatorade, we hung out at the (air conditioned) Manly Dive Centre for a while, then headed off to find eggs, bacon and coffee in epic quantities.

That was certainly the toughest run I’ve ever done and I really only enjoyed the last 2km – probably because I was heat-stroke hallucinating by then…


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6 Responses to The Inaugural – and aptly named – Sydney Sun Run

  1. piereth says:

    Firstly, let me say you look tanned, fit, happy and incredibly svelte.

    Secondly, I salute your fortitude for running in that heat – really glad you were able to complete the race and in such an epic time too!

    Thirdly, everything about this post makes me jealous and I wanna be there now. No, yesterday. xxxx

  2. sledpress says:

    What ever is a Manly Dive?

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