My middle sister, Mara, is getting married! Her partner proposed at the weekend (and she accepted) and they’re planning to wed this coming November. I’m so delighted and excited for them both. They’re a wonderful couple who bring out the best in one another and – should they be lucky enough to have children – they’ll make kind, sensible, and loving parents.

I had been planning to go back to the UK at the beginning of July, partly because I have tickets to see the Foo Fighters on Sunday 3rd July in Milton Keynes [and believe me, there is nothing else that would induce me to visit Milton Keynes] and partly because my brother, sister-in-law and nieces are taking a house in France for July (as one does) and have invited me to stay. Which is jolly sporting of them.

So, can I manage to afford to visit the UK twice in one year? I don’t think so. July is off, November is on. I need to flog those tickets on eBay and just hope that the Foos tour brings them here to Sydney this year. Please god. PLEEEEEEAAAASE.

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6 Responses to Romance

  1. Congratulations to Mara! It’s nice when you can feel genuinely happy for a couple who are marrying, isn’t it? As opposed to outraged, fearful, trepidatious, or just generally depressed.

  2. … and by that last I mean “depressed at the prospect of the unhappiness awaiting them.” πŸ™‚

    • Woo says:

      Absolutely. And even without the wedding, it seems to be fairly rare to find a couple who genuinely do bring out the best in each other, rather than the worst. Respect and politeness within a long term relationship is very much under-rated.

  3. azahar says:

    Respect and politeness within a long term relationship is very much under-rated.

    Totally agree.

    As for the other thing, why not ask them yourself…

    • Woo says:

      Oh believe me, I’m all over the Foos twitter feed already πŸ™‚ Dave Grohl has been uploading photos pretty much every day while they were in the studio recording their new album and then making the video for the new single ‘White Limo’. Its fascinating seeing a little bit of their creative process. And, you know, pictures of Dave are always good πŸ™‚

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