For posterity

1. As of this morning, I am officially ‘fit’. Now that I can run 4 kms in less than 20 mins (19.36 minutes, to be precise, and let’s be precise because when you’re running that fast, every second counts, let me assure you), that qualifies me to claim to be a fit person, according to my trainer, Jaymes.


2. The temptation to respond to that email is awfully strong. I am resisting it. After all, as a good friend pointed out yesterday, one emailed “I miss you keenly” is not enough reason to be pulled back into a situation which suited only one of us.


3. Evil Editor Cow has YET AGAIN made American Editor Single Mom Of Twins cry. Yesterday, Evil Editor Cow forced an hour-long meeting where she upbraided American Editor Single Mom Of Twins for the amount of time off she’s had to take recently.

Over the last three months the twins have had a succession of illnesses (Whooping cough, flu and tonsilitis are rife in Sydney) necessitating not only several courses of anti-biotics but also their temporary removal from day care so as not to risk spreading the infection to the other children. Which, given that she is a single mother, has obviously meant that she’s had to be at home to look after them since she can’t share that load with a husband.

The fact that she has somehow been able to manage to continue to work from home, despite having two poorly children running temperatures with her, and has kept the project she is editing on schedule, seems to be being ignored.

I am FURIOUS on her behalf. I know I shouldn’t interfere, but the MD should be made aware of this as I know she wouldn’t approve of Evil Editor Cow’s tactics.

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4 Responses to For posterity

  1. I suppose it would be out of the question to hire a hit on Evil Editor Cow. In the Ozarks there is a phrase that comes out occasionally that seems to be appropriate: “That boy needs killin'” (and yes, it is imperative that you elide the “g” on killin’ in order to get the phrase correct.) This seems to be one of those occasions where the phrase applies.

    Keep resisting. You don’t want to accidentally tangle those cut ends of the string back together. The truly right person is there. Of course, I also have a 70 year old friend who has been single for all her life who would question the need for a “right” person. But she is not the norm, no indeedy!

  2. Woo says:

    “That Evil Editor Cow needs killin'” certainly has a ring to it 😉

    You’re right. And even if the truly right person is not out there, that is still no reason to fall back into a situation that wasn’t good for me or my self-esteem in the long run.

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