Dating update

Last night’s date was promising. After an initially rocky start (we were each waiting in different, but similarly named, bars – luckily only 2 mins walk from each other) we chatted easily over our drinks for several hours, and then agreed to carry on to dinner together, too.

Ultra-marathon Guy, it turns out, is smart and confident without being cocky. He’s also down to earth and earnest, without being dull or conservative. And he’s tall and extremely fit, has exceptionally good manners and a lovely voice with the very occasional hint of his Yorkshire youth.

Turns out we have more in common than I’d hoped, too.

So, he’s away in the Blue Mountains this weekend running a 50km trail race (as one does) and we said as we parted last night that we’d speak after the race to arrange a time to meet again next week, though I’m not entirely sure whether I’m supposed to call him or vice versa. I’ll keep you posted.

Triathlete Guy, on the other hand, is rapidly losing his chance. After a week’s hiatus he asked for my number so we could chat and arrange to meet, I waited a few days (because, frankly, if he wasn’t prioritising our meeting then neither was I) then sent it to him and haven’t heard a peep since. If I haven’t heard from him within the week, he will find out that playing hard to get with me does not work; it has entirely the opposite effect, in fact, making me far less keen rather than more keen.

I have noticed this tendency in certain people and in cats; the irresistible urge to pursue something just because it runs away. Almost to value and desire something only when they can’t attain it or, worse, when it belongs to someone else.

Which is irredeemably stupid.

Anyway, two more email contacts from interesting men this morning (along with the usual bunch of emails from men – and one woman – who clearly haven’t bothered to read my profile and just fancy the sound of a fit blonde, regardless of what we may or may not have in common in terms of values and lifestyles) so at the moment I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this search for the right man.

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6 Responses to Dating update

  1. David says:

    Glad to hear the good news! I hope more will be forthcoming.

  2. piereth says:

    I can’t help wishing, meanly, for a look at some of the unfortunates who didn’t make the cut…. go on, pleeeeese….

    The date sound wonderfully calm and happy. Yes, sod the other fella. Hard to get is dull to catch, in my experience. xx

    • Woo says:

      Well, most of them are perfectly decent people, just not compatible with my good self, you know. I am pretty odd, so it’s hardly surprising 🙂

      Okay, some of them seem like complete eejits, I admit… But it would be egregiously mean of me to post pics or quotes… Wouldn’t it? 😉

  3. I have never understood the “hard to get” thing. I mean, what is the point? Life is short, take big bites and jump in with both feet. Why waste time playing games?

    That name thing on bars and restaurants can be very frustrating. . . We had two restaurants here in town named “Gary’s” and it could really make for a mix up. They were on completely opposite sides of town, miles apart, too. Unfortunately, the better of the two wound up closing so we are left with the “other one” which is a GREAT place to eat if you like fried catfish and canned green beans.

    • Woo says:

      You and me both, hmh. I’ve never understood it and have never played games with another person’s feelings – well, not since I was a teenager who didn’t know any better and was as cruel as only the very young can be to the few boys who showed an interest.

      Since then I have made a point of saying exactly what I mean, even at
      the risk of embarrassment and rejection. And anyone playing hard to get or trying to elicit jealousy by engaging with someone else basically gets left to enjoy it without me. 🙂

      Triathlete Guy has another 26 hours to redeem himself…

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