About this blogger

I’m female. I’m 40. I have a British passport but my father is Irish. I used to live in a beautiful old city called Norwich in Norfolk, England, UK, on a street first created by the Vikings. In February 2007 I moved to Sydney, Australia. In April 2012 I moved to Bristol on the west coast of England.

I still have size 40 feet but I no longer have a house rabbit called Muddy. Instead I have been adopted by my husband’s two ginger tom cats, Elvis and Filfy. I can paint and draw and berate myself constantly for not making time to do it more often. I love reading and scuba diving. But not simultaneously as that would make the books soggy.

Also running, gardening, hiking, canyoning, kayaking, yoga, the Foo Fighters, movies and good conversation.

I think about things too deeply, feel things too intensely and talk too much. I wish I had a motorbike. I like silver better than gold.

I know a lot about dinosaurs, sharks, wildlife and history. I know very little about the internal combustion engine, String Theory, celebrities or reality TV shows. I enjoy travelling and still have a long list of places I’d like to visit. I cannot resist peanut M&Ms or edamame. I can speak fluent French and passable German. My Latin is rusty.

I have two sisters, a sister-in-law, a brother and three nieces, all of whom I love and try to cherish. Since my marriage I have another whole family, too. I have some wonderful, kind, fun, generous, honest friends. I have an extraordinary husband for whom I carried an unrequited (but well-documented on this blog) torch for many years, until he finally realised that he loved me, too.

I love raw peas, but they give me a stomach ache if I eat too many. I lie sometimes. Mostly so as not to upset other people’s feelings, but occasionally to prevent a client from finding out that a piece of artwork isn’t – strictly speaking – actually completely 100% done yet.

I believe that ‘Withnail & I’ is the funniest and most poignant film ever made. I get sunburnt easily. I like documentaries and long walks and medjool dates and pains au chocolat. I generally get on well with children and animals. I am cheerful and reasonably fit.

Outside is my favourite place. Second favourite is The British Museum. Closely followed by a japanese restaurant called Shiki in Norwich where you can dine by yourself without feeling like a loser.


2 Responses to About this blogger

  1. OmbudsBen says:

    What books do you like?

    And which books would you want to take with you to a desert island in the south Pacific … wait. You’re on a desert island continent in the south Pacific already. So, do you have your favorites with you?

    • Woo says:

      I love books. LOVE them. I have most of my favourites with me, and they take up four floor-to-ceiling book cases. I have so many favourites across many different genres that it would take several days to list them, I think.

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