Public ritual celebration

Well, dear reader, we are married, my Viking Sousaphonist and I. All requited and ridiculously happy, here we are.


And, oh! what a wonderful wedding day.

Where shall I start? At the beginning, of course. Here is the wooden footbridge over the mill stream from the field where the cars were parked into the meadow where we held the wedding.

Colour 1of7 -00 ©Mark Simmons

And here are our three young bridesmaids, my god-daughter Iona, and my nieces Beatrice and Colette, with their Mum, Tamzin (pregnant then with my newest niece, Aurelie, who was born last month). Colette ate most of her bouquet before walking down the avenue of trees that served as our aisle, but who can blame her, they looked delicious.

Colour 1of7 -35 ©Mark Simmons

My dearest friends Fugitive Pieces and Piereth made all the bouquets. And they were absolutely gorgeous.

Colour 3of7 -01 ©Mark Simmons

We also had Ed’s two lovely nieces, Gwenny and Amber, as Maids of Honour so I was surrounded by beautiful, kind, smart and fun females.

Colour 3of7 -05 ©Mark Simmons

We all walked down through an avenue of trees in Spring bud, strung with colourful bunting, to the willow arch where all our family and friends – and the groom – were waiting.

Colour 3of7 -12 ©Mark Simmons

My sister, Dana, and Ed’s elder brother, Charles, and his uncle, Julian, read poems and stories for us, and we sang “It Had To Be You” and “My Baby Just Cares For Me”. We talked about love and how much we loved all the people there witnessing our love for each other.

Colour 4of7 -12A ©Mark SimmonsColour 4of7 -15A ©Mark Simmons

And then we exchanged the rings we’d made together in Sydney [more on that anon].

Colour 3of7 -20 ©Mark Simmons

And so we were Man and Wife. At last. Cue much cheering and throwing of lavender.

Colour 4of7 -17A ©Mark Simmons

Here we all are, including the 50 children and several of the dogs.

Colour 4of7 -34A ©Mark Simmons

I’ll post the pics of the tug-of-war, treasure hunt, hog roast, petting farm, pony rides, cake, dancing, bonfire, fireworks and chinese lanterns later. But gosh, what a day!

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18 Responses to Public ritual celebration

  1. azahar says:

    You look beautiful, Trucie. And happy! xx

  2. modestypress says:

    Loverly. keep working on having a child. The effort is always time well spent.

  3. This makes me so happy.

  4. I really was afraid that this blog had died for some reason (I’d be the last to criticise for that), but I’m really happy to see that everything is still going swimmingly for you – both really!

    Congratulations and all the best for the future as a couple.

  5. sledpress says:

    One had been wondering what happened. I approve of the lavender.

  6. What an amazing wedding! It looks like it suited you both perfectly, and I am excited to hear more, and see more pictures.

  7. Late to the party, as always, Congratulations, Woo. It looks like it was a lovely, and loving, wedding. 🙂

    • OmbudsBen says:

      Congratulations, Trucie-woo! You’ve had such a very long voyage, haven’t you? Literally around the world. I’m glad you’ve both found such a happy harbor together.

  8. modestypress says:

    I am unreasonable. I have a request for my 70th birthday, which will be in January 2014. Once, a billion years ago, I requested a photoshopped poster of Seattle with the Space Needle airbrushed out so I could test how long people viewing the beautiful landscape would realize something was missing. (Hidden in plain sight, so to speak.) Our house is full of beautiful art work (as my wife’s taste is impeccable — except in husbands — and mine is abysmal. I am allowed a tiny patch of space in one corner of the upstairs to decorate as I please. Much of it is taken up with a large reproduction of Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights tryptich, but there is a little patch left for a jape. I know you are fully wrapped up in wedded bliss — Halloo Hoorah — but if you could put such a poster together for my 70th birthday (will I live that long?) and send it to our address on Whidbey Island), I would be unreasonably grateful.

  9. modestypress says:

    Something like that, but without the space needle. Looks utterly impossible to me to do, but then I never could master Photoshop in the least. I think when we talked about this years ago we considered a coffee table book of similar images all over the world. Sydney without the opera house, etc. I am crazy. Indulge me.

  10. Will this reach you through cyberspace? I know not, but—I’d love to know how you are. The cyberworld misses you.

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